Misha Cross and Her Bridesmaid Angel Wicky Give You the Best Wedding Gift

It’s your wedding day, and believe it or not you are going to marry Misha Cross and incredible blonde babe. You are already fully prepared, and even if you are not supposed to see your bride before the ceremony you decided to peek into her wardrobe anyway.

As Misha sees that you are looking at you, she tells you “Baby! You know you are not to see me before the ceremony, it brings bad luck!” After thinking about the situation for a little bit, she says “Well all this lingerie on me is making my kind of horny, so do you maybe want to undress me?“.

Misha will then make you lay down on the bed, and while you are watching her, she will slowly start stripping for you. After she removes a few layers of clothes, she will crawl towards you and ask you what you want to do before you get married after which she will come right on top of you and ask you to remove the rest of her lingerie.

Once you remove her bra, you will start to massage her tits. “I can feel that you are getting hard,” says Misha while lowering one of your hands to her panties. “I want to take off these panties for you, I want to show you everything before you become my husband,” says Misha as she starts to strip off her panties.

Right after she stripped down all of her lingerie except for the white stockings, she will lower your pants and start sucking you off. “I want to put it deep down my throat, ” she says before taking your whole package inside of her mouth.

When she felt that your dick is nicely prepared, she got on top of you again and that is when she started to ride you in the cowgirl position. While your cock is deep inside of your pussy, her bridesmaid Angel Wicky comes into the room to inform Misha that she could not find you in your wardrobe.

However, when she saw that you two are having sex, she was completely shocked and confused. At that point, Misha got a great idea to invite Wicky to join you for a threesome, and since she is one wild bridesmaid, she accepted the invitation immediately.

These two slutty girls then started to make out right in front of you, and while Wicky was stroking your completely erect cock, Misha helped her get out of her clothes.

After Wicky was stripped into something that made her a little bit more comfortable, both of the girls started to suck on your pecker. They both displayed their cock sucking skills to each other. At one point, Misha will tell her bridesmaid “I want to see you fucking him” after which Wicky is going to ride you in the cowgirl position.

While she’s bouncing up and down on your cock, Misha will slap and rub her hairy pussy while making out with her from time to time as well. Once Wicky received enough of your schlong, Misha got on top of you once again, however, this time you went inside of her in the reverse cowgirl position instead.

Both of these babes took a couple of more turns to ride your cock, and since your ceremony was about to begin, these sluts decided to make you cum. While they were making out, Misha stroked you off at full speed, and once they felt that you are about to shoot your semen, Misha wrapped her lips around your staff, taking all of your hot cum into her mouth.

Seeing that Wicky would like a little taste of it as well, Misha let her clean up the little cum that was on your cock and after that, she made out with her too.

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