Morgan Lee Raises Your Blood Pressure with Sexy Methods

Since you haven’t been feeling well lately, you decided to go to the hospital for a check up in case something is wrong with you. You decided to go to the office you usually went to, which belongs to Dr. Bloom. However as you lay on the check-up table, you see a hot Asian doctor entering the room

Dr. Bloom has retired, and I will be your new doctor from now on. I am Dr. Curall” the hot doctor says as she sits on the chair next to the bed you are laying on.

We will do a standard full physical check up, to see if your blood pressure is alright among some other things,” Dr. Curall tells you while she prepares the instrument to measure your blood pressure.

After she finished the procedure, she will inform you that your blood pressure is pretty low, which seems to come as a surprise to her.

I do have a method to immediately increase your blood pressure. If you don’t mind” she says as she takes off her white coat and climbs on top of you while dragging her hands over your crotch.

As you observe Dr. Curall she tells you “We will also check how your visual stimulation is“. She then starts unzipping your pants, and without any hesitation, she will take your erect cock and start sucking on it in her office.

Dr. Curall complimented your vision as she sucks on your hard cock while also saying “I see your blood pressure is improving already. Let’s keep on going“.

You see her taking off your pants, making you comfortable while she sucking on your pulsating donger. “Your cock is so big and delicious,” she says before pleasuring you and starts taking off her clothes.

Once she got completely naked, she returned to suck on your raging boner, making it nice and wet by covering it in her saliva like one of the pornstars you usually masturbate to. At some moments, you can also see Dr. Curall completely swallowing your big cock, deepthroating it with ease.

Now, let us test out your stamina,” she says while putting some lube on your already incredibly wet cock. She then starts riding you in the cowgirl position, but because your cock is extremely slippery, Dr. Curall has no need to take it slow.

She starts grinding on it as fast as she can, making your cock go deep inside her snatch.

However, the cowgirl position was not the one where she could ride you in her maximum speed, so she turned around into the reverse cowgirl where you had an incredible view of her ass and the tattoo on her sexy back.

As she starts riding you incredibly fast, she begins to moan out loud “Give me more of your hard cock“. When you heard what she said, you grabbed her ass with your hand, helping her impale herself even better than before.

She received an incredible amount of pleasure from riding you, however, she could not keep riding you until you came. That is when she decided to finish you off with a nice deep throat blowjob combined with some really fast stroking with her hands.

It looks like you are good to go,” says Dr. Curall before giving your cock a kiss and leaving the office.

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