Morning Meal with Kirschley Swoon

It’s early in the morning, and you know what they say “Breakfast is the key to a good day”. That is why your hot lover Kirschley Swoon is going to enjoy herself by eating a banana. However, because she is one naughty girl, she is going to get turned on as she grabs the banana with her hand.

You will be sitting in the kitchen with her, and as you are watching her, she is going to make sure to tease you until you become just as horny. First, she is going to slide the banana over her beautiful lips before she starts twirling her tongue all around it.

Then she will put it in her mouth and suck on it while looking at you and your crotch. Even if she will notice that your cock is pulsating over your boxers, she is going to tease you even more by sliding it over her pussy lips.

Due to her kinky nature, Kirschley will also put the tip of the banana inside her pussy, allowing it to soak up in her juices just enough so she can lick it off afterward.

Now that she is completely sure that you are as horny as she is, you will see her getting down on her knees so she can take out your raging pecker that can not wait to feel any kind of pleasure from your girlfriend.

When she starts playing with your cock, she is going to perform a lot better than on the banana, which will to her surprise make it even harder, but that will only motivate her to do an even better job. Kirschley is going to lick every part of your dick, including your ballsack, and as it gets nice and slippery, she will deepthroat it a couple of times.

The moment her blowjob ritual is completed, this hottie will take all of her clothes off, right in front of you. Then she is going to turn around so she can sit on your lap which will allow her to insert your big donger inside her pussy.

Kirschley will start riding you in the reverse cowgirl position, and since the chair you are sitting on is a bit high, you will help her balance herself by holding her hips and a little bit of her juicy ass too.

From time to time she is going to take short breaks where she is going to lick off the juices on your cock until she tells you to lay down on the floor because she would like to penetrate herself as deep as possible.

When you lay down, this cutie will ride you in the standard and reverse cowgirl. As she bounces up and down in both of her positions, your cock will go extremely deep, stretching parts of her pussy that have never felt a cock before.

Kirschley will moan out loud during the drilling, however, even if she cums before you, she is going to finish you off with a blowjob, letting you to cum inside her warm mouth.

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