Naomi Bennet Will Make You Enjoy the Super Bowl Even More!

date_range February 03, 2018
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Naomi Bennet Will Make You Enjoy the Super Bowl Even More!

Have you ever had to choose between your girlfriend and sports? It is not a choice we would like to make, but sometimes we are being forced to do it by our loved ones - and it is never easy to choose! The problem is that the most of the ladies just do not like watching sports, and they are getting bored fast while we are viewing it, fighting for our attention at the same time. Can VR Bangers' VR Porn movie solve this problem yet again? Naturally it can, but let's not spoil anything and get to the topic slow and steady.

We are more than sure that all of you are well aware that 2018 Super Bowl LII is coming, so all NFL fans should be really hyped when waiting for the arrival of this ultimate sports event together with some of the most anticipated ads and trailers. There is a one huge complication on the horizon, though - whole celebration is going to take some time, which might cause some issues with our beloved ladies.

Fortunately, exclusive VR Porn stars working with VR Bangers are somewhat different than the regular girls, bringing our fans some unmatchable joy and pleasure with every following production. Today's performer, Naomi Bennet, will surprise you in this VR Porn fantasy with some unexpected turn of events, giving a huge lesson of how to behave to all her female colleagues.

The scenario starts up normally - you are lying on the coach with the remote in your hand, when the sports event is about to begin, and you can't wait to start cheering your favorite team. You girlfriend, Naomi, is trying to steal your attention for her a little, yet she is not being successful - fortunately, she does not give up and gives it all a second try. She quits the room and lets you watch the TV, finally leaving you all alone with the Super Bowl, but then...

When she comes back, you can't believe your own eyes: Naomi is wearing an outfit of your favorite NFL team, and wants you to play a game with her now. She is craving for your balls and your hard stick, and since the situation has changed a little, you can actually stop watching the game for a minute, and give this hottie what she wants.

The sports suit is not sexy on its own, but when wore by such a hot goddess, it becomes appealing and spices the things up. It only gets better when Naomi kneels before you and grabs your dick straight into her slutty mouth. Do you wanna know what happens next and what result will this "match" end with? Watch this immersive VR Porn video and have some fun with Naomi, as she is an ultimate combination of everything that a horny man and a sports fan could ever need!

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