Naughty Schoolgirl Nadia is the Best Fuck You’ll Ever Have

It is just another day, you are sitting in your living room with your sister, and suddenly she tells you “Oh, I forgot to tell you, I invited my new friend to come over“. As you think to yourself “Oh man, another annoying person I have to meet and be nice to“, you hear the doorbell.

There she is.” says your sister, and upon opening the door, you see a gorgeous brunette babe in a really hot outfit. She was wearing a white shirt, a red miniskirt and a white pair of stockings with black high heels, you could say that she was wearing a schoolgirl outfit.

As the girl that came over and your sister sat in the chairs across you, the girl decided to introduce herself “Hi, I’m Nadia. Nice to meet you“, when suddenly, you hear a phone ringing.

Your sister answered the phone, finding out that your mom’s car broke down so she needed some help. Since your sister wanted you to meet her new friend, she decided to go and give her mom a hand while leaving you alone with Nadia.

Nadia looks at you and discretely pushes something from the table to fall down in front of you. “Ops, I better get that,” she says while getting off the chair.

When she got in front off you, Nadia bent over to pick up the item she dropped while making sure that you get a nice look at her delicious round ass by lifting up her red mini skirt.

She turned her head, just to see if you are looking. Of course, when Nadia looked at you in the eyes, all she could see is a horny desirable look, which was more than enough to proceed with her plan.

You then see Nadia turning towards you as she is getting down on her knees. She decided to grab your crotch with one of her hands, finding out that your cock is completely erect. Then, she stood up and took off her shirt before getting down on her knees again.

Nadia started unzipping your pants while saying “I really want to see your big cock“. As your cock made an appearance, you could see that she is very surprised, and soon she made a comment “Oh my, it is a lot bigger than I expected“.

The next thing that happened was Nadia giving you a phenomenal blowjob, the best one you have ever had, however, it is not where this session ended. Once your cock was nice and moist from her spit, Nadia took off her mini skirt and her panties so she can have a nice ride on your erect cock.

As soon as Nadia started to ride you in the cowgirl position, she began to moan as your cock was penetrating deep inside her pussy. She rode you for quite a while, and you could feel her pussy getting extremely wet as your cock could slide much easier and deeper every time.

Once she got a bit tired of the cowgirl position, Nadia decided to let you fuck her in the missionary all the way until you cum. You penetrated her hard and fast while hearing her scream “Oh my god that feels so good“. In the end, you took the cock out of her pussy and came all over her stomach.

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