Naughty Schoolgirl Pristine Edge Takes a Quick Break to Masturbate

Pristine Edge is an honorary student of the respected high school in the town. In addition, she is soon going to participate in one of the most important chemistry championships. In order to get the best score tomorrow, this nerdy brunette girl decided to rehearse herself one more time before going to bed.

However, while going through the books, she could not focus because something was bothering her. Her parents did not allow her to see her boyfriend, which rather made her sexually frustrated, and that is why she decided to take care of that herself.

She started to touch herself under her skirt, but shortly after that, she began to unbutton her white shirt. As soon as she took the shirt off, Pristine decided to turn herself on as much as she can by teasing herself.

Starting with her medium sized natural tits, she fooled around for a bit by fondling them between the quick rubs on her nicely shaved pussy.

Not too long after that, Pristine put one of the legs on the glass table. While in this position, she had the perfect access to her pussy, this is where she stopped rubbing herself, and instead she began to drill her tunnel with her fingers.

When her fingers were completely covered in her pussy juices, she licked them off, and then she proceeded to get even more naked. She took off her skirt, which means that now she is wearing nothing else besides her sexy white knee socks.

Once again, she put one leg on the glass table, but this time she continued to pleasure herself in a different position. Her technique was also different as she rubbed her pussy with her thumb while still penetrating her cunt with some other fingers.

As she got wetter, she began to moan, and her body started to shiver every time she hit one of the sensitive spots inside her pussy.

Because staying in the position she was in is somewhat difficult, especially now that her body is losing control to the sensation she is experiencing. Pristine decided to sit on the table.

When she did, she spread her legs nice and wide, she leaned back a bit so she can hold herself with her left hand, and she used the other hand to rub her pussy. Pristine kept pleasuring herself like this for a couple of minutes, but it was just not as good as the position she was previously in.

That is why she returned to the position where she has one leg on the table, and she finished herself off with some fast phased fingering that caused her to cum all over her hand.

She licked everything off, and then Pristine returned to her studies because now she is completely relaxed and she can focus on her books once again.

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