Naughty Secretary Morgan Lee

It has been a long day at the office, and you are all alone with your secretary going through the final monthly numbers. Your secretary is a hot Asian babe Morgan Lee who might have some hots for you, but since you are the CEO of the company, you barely pay any attention to her.

Mr. Garrison, or may I call you Ben? I love you so much, I just want you to notice me” Morgan tells you all of the sudden as she starts to unbutton her shirt. “You can have all of me,” she says while taking out her hair clipper in order to release her hair.

After that you see Morgan taking off her white shirt, now leaving her in a sexy black bra that matches her black skirt. But that is not where her show ends.

Is this what you want?” she says before taking off her black skirt, now leaving her in matching black lingerie. You see her do a couple of spins, and suddenly she also starts taking off her bra.

Once she removed her bra, you see her medium sized natural tits out in the open. Moments later, your horny secretary will also take off her panties which get you off guard and gives you a massive boner.

While you stare at your secretary being completely naked, you will see her grab a sex toy out of her bag before she climbs on the table between the two of you. She put the dildo next to her, and first, she started pleasuring herself by using her fingers.

I am so wet,” Morgan says as she sticks two of her fingers inside her nicely shaved pussy. After warming herself up by stretching her pussy with her fingers, she will finally proceed further into her solo masturbating session.

Morgan takes the dildo next to her, leans back a little as she spreads her legs and starts drilling herself passionately with her dildo. “Fuck me harder, I want you to fuck me” she moans while having the dildo deep inside her pussy.

Once the dildo gets nicely soaked in her love juices, she will take it out and start sucking on it while rotating into a different position.

Now you will see Morgan in the doggy style position, penetrating her pussy from a different angle as you have a nice view of her ass. Since the dildo can go even deeper now, you will hear her moaning even louder than earlier “Oh my god, make me cum

After she gets back into the starting position, she will start fingering herself all the way until she has a divine orgasm while she deepthroats the dildo that was inside her a few moments earlier.

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