Naughty waitress Ayumu Kase

You finally got some time to go out with your girlfriend, and you decided to take her out to a Japanese restaurant. She was very excited that you are finally spending some time with her.

When the waitress came in, she gave your girlfriend the menu. After looking through it for a while, she asked you “Does the special sound good?“.

Since the special was a sushi, you agreed to it since it was one of your favorite meals.

Shortly after that, the waitress returned with the sushi and she put it in front of you. However, instead of going away, she also started to remove the decor from the table, making your girlfriend think that the special is some kind of a feast.

Little did she know, that the waitress will take off her kimono, and lay down on the table while she was completely naked.

Your girlfriend says ” This is the special?” Oh, I am so embarrassed“. Moments after that, she excused herself to the bathroom, causing you to stay with the waitress by yourself.

The waitress then looked at you, and she removed the sushi that she previously placed on her body. Then she turned towards you and she spread her legs.

Seeing how she is looking at you now, you know that she wants you to finger her pussy, so you decide to just go with it.

As you are fingering the lovely waitress, AyumuKase, your girlfriend walks back into the room. “What the fuck babe? Oh, we are fucking done” she yells at you while leaving the restaurant.

Instead of going after her, you decided to stay with the beautiful Japanese waitress, and you continued to finger her pussy. Eventually, she decided to give you a kiss and ask you to get completely naked with her before you lay down on the table she was previously laying on.

You did as she asked, and the next thing was her climbing on top of you, so she can show you up-close how she is playing with her pussy.

Seeing that your cock is really hard, she decided to turn her ass towards you, and continue masturbating while she is sucking on your rock solid cock.

When your cock was nicely drenched in her saliva, Ayumu starts to ride you in the cowgirl position, which makes her moan really loud because her tight pussy can barely handle your big schlong.

After her pussy got used to it a bit, she sat down on your cock completely, making it go as deep as it can. Then, she decided to grind on it for a while, which caused her to experience the divine pleasure that makes her moan louder than any girl you have ever fucked.

Later on, she decided to suck off her pussy juices before making you cum, but instead of making you cum into her mouth, she decided to get into the cowgirl position again and let you finish the lovemaking session with a creampie.

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