Never try to steal Bridgette B’s car in VR!

As a small-time thief, you decided to try and score big for the first time in your “career” as you found an easy access garage with a really cool pair of wheels. When you went to the garage, you immediately started to force the lock on the door, and surprisingly, it didn’t take too long to open the door.

However, little did you know, that the owner of the house, Bridgette B; has been watching you all along. She immediately rushed down to the garage. Once you turned towards her, you could see her being furious while yelling “What the fuck?”.

Bridgette then grabbed a bottle from the trash bin, and before you knew it, she knocked you out by a hard blow on the head.

You will wake up later, with a blindfold over your eyes, unable to move, as if you were chained to something. During your attempt to figure out what is going on, you will hear a voice saying “Well, well, well, let’s see. What do we have here?“.

Your blindfold will be removed, you will see Bridgette in a kinky outfit that goes perfectly with her lipstick and her blonde hair.

Taking a better look around, you realized that you are almost completely naked. The only thing you had, was a strange outfit that you seen in certain BDSM porn videos.

Bridgette wants to play a little game, a game where you can not cum until she says so. Doing that might be a little difficult, as she will immediately start teasing you with her big boobs while she is grinding on your cock.

Let’s see what I’m playing with.” is what she said before going down on her knees. Then, Bridgette starts to stroke your already erect cock while putting the tip of it in her mouth. Noticing that your cock can not get any bigger, this blonde MILF decided to take her favorite toy.

Once she displayed her whip, Bridgette wrapped it around your cock so she can “choke” it while giving you a blowjob. You could barely handle her magnificent cock sucking skills, but you managed not to cum until she was done sucking.

You may think that you are free to go until Bridgette hops right onto you and starts grinding her pussy all over your hard cock. Bridgette tells you “This toy is all mine!” as she inserts your donger into her drenched cunt so she can start riding it passionately.

When she notices that you are really trying not to cum, you will be rewarded by having your hands released while still being reminded that you are playing her game. That said, she will let you grab her big tits while she sucks off her pussy juices from your rod.

Bridgette will keep playing with you some more, making you fuck her in the reverse cowgirl and doggy style while still not letting you cum. However, once you get to the missionary position, you will fuck her so hard that you will make Bridgette say those magic words you were waiting for all along “Cum all over me!“.

The moment you heard that you will spray a big hot load all over her pussy and her leather outfit, finally earning your freedom, or at least that is what you think.

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