New MR Headset Straight From Acer’s Conference at IFA 2018!

Two days before the official start of the International Exhibition of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances (IFA 2018 @ 31/08/2018 – 5/09/2018), the next@acer conference was held. Even before the event, the manufacturer assured that the leitmotif would be to maximize efficiency while minimizing the size of laptops. We were not disappointed, although the full specification of some really interesting products will be revealed in a few months, as there has been one, specifically interesting news for us – the announcement of entirely new MR headset! We are really interested in the topic of AR/MR porn and we do not exclude the transition from VR porn films one day – and that is why we always try to be up to date with every news like this one!

What is next@acer?

next@acer is the name of the conference held by the company pretty much every year – on which they do reveal all their new ideas and technologies. Even though the firm has not yet entered the virtual reality industry at all, thus has never been on the “sight” of Virtual Reality Bangers, they have just positively surprised us and it is really good to have them on the list of manufacturers of VR devices like VR headsets – or, like in this case, even the mixed reality visors.

New Acer’s MR headset instead of “just” VR like competitors

Acer OJO 500, as this is the name of the device that has been just announced, is full of new technologies and solutions. It has a dual 2.89 inch LCD display with a 90 Hz refresh rate, a 100-degree field of view and a combined resolution of 2880 by 1440 pixels. It also boasts of a novelty patented by Acer and based on the built-in speakers in the goggles, a spatial sound system solution, i.e. “the sound tube”. This makes the user a bit less locked in the world of virtual reality. The possibility of unfastening and replacing fasteners is also new. The system of quick replacement of the straps holding the “optics” is an obvious smile towards the business applications of the device and a really unexpected “bow” in the direction of VR porn videos’ fans. Thanks to new Acer’s solution, you can always unfasten your belts and clean your VR goggles after using them, and we all know how problematic it can sometimes get to keep your device tidy.

Other new stuff from the Acer’s conference

There’s been a whole lot of novelties, actually. Brand new laptops, ultra-light gaming ultrabooks and even the big ass gaming platform called Predator Thronos. We realize that all these solutions are made for the gamers – and users of VR games, too – but we really liked the fact that we could also find something for ourselves and our VR porn films, and from now on we will be always paying attention to new Acer’s doings.

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