New Windows MR Goggles from Samsung: Odyssey+

Do you remember when back in the day we told you about Samsung reserving the “Anti SDE AMOLED” trademark? In July we could only guess what could that mean for our VR porn films and if these new technologies will have any references for virtual reality whatsoever – and it turns out that they will, as just recently Samsung has released their entirely new MR goggles with this function.

So once again, what does “Anti SDE AMOLED” mean?

Just like we told you last time, the SDE effect, which is also known as the grid effect, is one of the biggest nightmares of the current generation of virtual reality goggles. Every modern VR visor has some “subpixels” mounted between the regular pixels – such unlit places are more or less visible on the display and through the lens. Because of that, sometimes you might feel like looking at virtual reality through a mosquito net – until that very day, we simply did not have the technology to get rid of these “nets”, hence it was a rather huge problem for both high-quality VR games and 6K UHD VR porn films.

So what did Samsung create?

Samsung has released a refreshed version of Odyssey virtual reality goggles from the Windows MR series. The model called Odyssey+ has the same parameters as its predecessor, however, it is distinguished by a solution that reduces the effect of the aforementioned problematic SDE. Odyssey+ MR goggles, just like the original Odyssey model, are equipped with AMOLED display with a resolution of 2880 x 1600/90 Hz (1440 × 1600 for each eye), which provides vivid colors and deeper blacks than screens with LED technology with a resolution of 2880 x 1440 (2x 1440 x 1440) used by other headset manufacturers from the Windows Mixed Reality series. The biggest difference is, obviously, the previously mentioned Anti-SDE technology, which aims to eliminate the screen-door effect, also known as the grid effect – described above.

According to Samsung, their proprietary solution significantly increases the perceived by the user the packing of pixels, which translates into the impression of viewing a picture with twice the resolution than the actual – getting rid of the issue once and for all, and thus increasing the comfort of watching the VR porn movies both in 4K UHD and 6K ultra high definition. Like the other Odyssey+ models, it has two cameras responsible for position tracking in the so-called “inside-out” tracking technology. They are able to capture the depth of the surroundings, thanks to which they do not require tracking systems such as SteamVR Lighthouse base stations or Oculus sensors to operate – huge plus for some VR porn experiences, since less the cables, more flawless and comfortable the experiences.

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ was priced at $500 – which, we believe, is a fair price for such a modern MR solution – and will probably be sold only in the US and several non-European countries. Since VR porn movies from do support the headsets from WMR line, we simply had to tell you about newest Samsung’s device – we hate the “grid effect” and we are happy that someone finally got rid of it!