New Year’s Eve Brings VR Bangers’ Christmas Promo Extension!

New Year is getting closer and closer, bringing a special occasion to party with all your friends and family members, while having a biggest bean feast that we have all been waiting for the whole year – New Year’s Eve. Every year these events are getting even wilder and crazier, as we are celebrating the incoming new year with all the new opportunities and chances for us to have.

Since this has been another year that you guys have spent with VR Bangers, we have decided to present you something special on this occasion, as you area all our loyal and precious members and we really want you to feel appreciated. Our Virtual Reality Porn Christmas Promo had been really successful, with many of you extending your memberships and joining our exclusive family, so we have decided to lengthen this deal for few more days to the delight of all of you. This way you will all be able to keep watching our VR Porn movies for ever longer, staying with us while entering the gates of 2018.

So what exactly are VR Bangers extending?

Christmas has brought to all of you a double the subscription time of every membership bought in the promotion’s period, and that is exactly what we are amplifying. This means that all of our VR Porn viewers will have an occasion to stay with us twice as long as before for the same price – wait, actually for even less, since we are also reducing the prices of our packs, so all of you could keep benefiting from this deal and save even more cash than expected.

Review of promotional prices:

• When selecting “1 Day Trial (Mobile Streaming + 1 Download)” subscription time will remain a one day only, but the price will fall from $2.95 to $0.99, which should encourage all the uncertain of you who are still thinking about joining the exclusive VR Bangers’ members group.

• The option “1 Month (Full access + Full VR Game)” will last not for 1 but for 2 months, and its price will fall from $24.95 to $19.80. This means that when you buy this package, the price for one day of membership at will drop from $0.83 to $0.33.

• The “3 Months (Full access + Full VR Game)” option is also doubled, now offering a period of 6 instead of 3 months, at a price reduced from $49.95 to $48.60. Together, this gives a reduction in the daily price from $0.55 to $0.27.

• Of course, the price of package “1 Year (Full access + Full VR Game)”, which will allow you to stay with us for a total of two years, will also drop by a few dollars from $99.95 to $94.80, offering the lowest of all 1-day rate of $0.13 instead of $0.27.

So how long will it last after all?

We have already said that this promotion is going to end at some point, and we turned out to be little liars, but you are not mad at us because of that, right? We have extended the deal for few more days, so now it will be available from December 29th 2017 to January 2nd 2018 – this is the final deadline and this time you really have to hurry because the occasion may slip out of your hands!

Happy New Year guys and do not forget to keep on checking the website to stay up to date with us!