Nicole Aniston Is a Trainer That You Can Actually Fuck With!

Have you ever known any female personal trainer? They are graceful, firm and athletic like no other woman. The fact is, training with them can be hell, but if try hard enough, you will certainly satisfy even the most demanding coach, which will definitely payback. And what if your trainer turned out to be a VR Porn star? Sounds great, eh? Today is your happy day!

Nicole Aniston is one of the most shapely and athletic Virtual Reality Porn models. The girl has to do a lot of work to be that fit, so it’s no wonder that she spends most of her free time in the gym. Nicole is one of the most popular trainers in your gym, as every guy wants to spend some time with her, but she does not like all her clients and you are lucky to be one of her favorites.

Nicole is famous for the fact that during training with his clients, she doesn’t care about the so-called “personal space” and is very touchy. She likes to help you with your muscles positioning, properly adjusting of your body during exercises and often improves the position of your hands, legs or even your ass during training.

Today’s session with the coach Nicole was extremely difficult, so you lie on the couch and relax, trying to rest your muscles just a little bit. Suddenly, Nicole comes into the room. She was apparently searching for you everywhere, but you really don’t have the strength to do more exercises today, which you explain to her, hoping that she will not be angry.

Nicole’s training skills are above average and she has her methods to convince you to train even when you seem to be completely exhausted. Nicole begins to stretch in front of you, showing you how you can give your muscles a rest, thus giving you a boner on the sight of her sexy body.

Nicole notices through your shorts that you apparently got hard and comes closer to you, starting to touch your thighs under the pretext of a massage for aching muscles. It does not take long for this seemingly innocent massage to turn into a handjob, and then into a blowjob, because Nicole, at the sight of your huge hard penis, wanted to show you some other form of “training”.

The girl starts sucking on your bloated penis, moaning and groaning while doing it, and you already know that you will extend your membership in this gym to a life-long option. When she can’t wait for your dick anymore, she jumps on you and starts fucking you as aggressively and wildly as she is with pros in her VR Porn movies.

Just like you thought, a girl like this can bend like any other can’t, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Nicole, as stretched as expected, chokes with your huge dick in between of changing from one position to another, making it wet not only from the juices of her hot pussy but also from her slippery saliva.

The trainer jumps on you for a little longer, and when you can’t stand the clamp of her strong Kegel muscles anymore, she makes you cum on her firm boobs with your hot load. Nicole did her job, since your muscles are now relaxed and you, even though you thought you had no more strength, have worked out a little more, so finally the training can be considered complete.

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