Nicole Vice Gives You the Study Break You Deserve

Recently, you decided to try your best to get into college, and for that, you have to study quite hard. In the last couple of days, you barely paid any attention to your girlfriend Nicole Vice.

One day while you were studying, you noticed that she is walking into the room you were studying in. She takes away your book while telling you “Hey baby, I missed you“. You then see that she is wearing your red shirt with some jeans.

However, little did you know that she is going to take both of those off, right in front of you. As she was doing her striptease performance, you noticed that she is also wearing the lingerie that makes you very excited.

You know that you have to study for the upcoming test, but everyone needs a break, so you decided to watch what she has to show you.

I want you to fuck me. I am so horny,” says Nicole as she gets down on her knees right between your legs. She then proceeds to get even more naked by first taking off her bra.

After playing around with her big juicy tits that you really like to suck on during your lovemaking sessions, she is going to stand up and take off her panties as well.

Now that she is completely naked, it seems that she will also masturbate for you. She rubs her pussy a couple of times, just to check if she is wet. Noticing that her fingers are completely covered by the juices from her pussy, she licked them off, and then she sat down on your knee.

Nicole began to grind her pussy, which made her moan while she was also playing with her big tits. Once she noticed that you also have a raging boner, she moved forward towards your crotch.

As she was grinding her nicely shaved pussy on your crotch, you could feel how warm her pussy is, and just how hungry she is for your cock by a number of juices she was letting out on your jeans.

Because she was not able to cum just from grinding your crotch over your jeans, Nicole decided to take her pink dildo. She then stood right in front of you where she got naked in the first place and she started to drill her pussy from behind.

Not even a few minutes later Nicole is going to get into your lap again where she continued to penetrate her pussy with the dildo while also rubbing her clit.

Her solo masturbation session continued all the way until she had an orgasm. Before she lets you get back to your studies, she tells you “I hope baby that you would like to fuck me later once you succeed on your test“.

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