Oculus Home 2.0 and Dash Leave the Beta Testing Phase!

date_range November 04, 2018
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Oculus Home 2.0 and Dash Leave the Beta Testing Phase!

Introduced in December last year, the experimental version of Oculus Rift software known as "Rift Core 2.0" has finally been made available to all users of these VR goggles. Most of the foundations on which the software is based have changed, so the modification is quite huge and really meaningful. Rift Core 2.0 introduces, among others, new Oculus Home software, which we can personalize to a large extent and is a great step ahead for this company's environment. Now, not only that you can visit a digital store directly inside of the Home, but it also has a lot more possibilities than the older static Oculus Store and will undoubtedly increase the convenience of its' users. Even though we find our VRB App quite innovative itself, we believe that with the development of such virtual reality HUDs, the comfort of browsing through our VR porn experiences might eventually get increased too, and that is why we wanted to share this newest update with you.

What is the Oculus Home 2.0?

Oculus Home is an application that simulates your house in virtual reality and allows you to organize your VR space. You can decorate your area, for example with trophies or boxes from VR games, which you have in the library, or various types of furniture and gadgets. There is a whole lot of things to choose from: for example, you can use a basketball board with a basketball, a mini-golf set or even an old-school cartridges with games purchased from the Oculus Store. It is also possible to load works created with the sculptural application called the Oculus Medium, as well as non-standard 3D objects, by importing files in .glb format (binary version of the glTF 2.0 format). We believe that thanks to such solutions, one day our VR porn films can get a whole lot more interactive and turn into some kind of VR porn movies/games experiences instead.

And what about the Oculus Dash?

Oculus Dash replaced the current universal Oculus Home menu. It was originally created for the purposes of the gamepad and the pilot, which were attached to sets with Oculus Rift goggles before the Oculus Touch controllers appeared on sale. As the motion controllers have much greater functionality, the creators of the headset decided to use their capabilities in this case, going one step forward with their newest software. The whole UI looks really futuristic and this is by far the most interesting part of the 2.0 update for VR Bangers - both in relation with interactiveness of our VR porn movies, and the future of the VR Bangers' app.

Any new chances for VR Porn movies?

Porn Model VR Bangers
As mentioned above, back in the day when we introduces our application/VR player, we used the most modern technology available. As the development of the market proceeds at an alarming rate (in good meaning of this phrase), we have to stay up to date with all the newest solutions, hence we believe that such VR HUDs might be really meaningful for the prospective of our VR porn films.

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