Oh no! Katya Rodriguez got scammed by Veronica Rodriguez!

It would’ve been so cool to become a professional model, right? Most of us, even though we are more or less attractive, could not afford to be such a person, as not everyone can fit the standards of today’s fashion. Following all these rules, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping up in the good shape by endlessly exercising – all these things required to stay on the top and not to disappear from the magazines’ covers overnight is harder than it seems.

Even though we have a lot of respects for all these men and women, we do not have any mercy for them either, as we are always choosing only the best of the best for our VR Porn movies. We are really picky since we realize that we do have so many fans only because we constantly maintain a high level of our productions and every of our members can come back to VR Bangers’ website at anytime to find only the highest quality Virtual Reality Porn scenes and nothing less.

Katya Rodriguez is one of those girls and even though she is still a beginner in the porn business, we do see a natural talent in her and have great hopes associated with her. Today she will be having a photo shoot sponsored by VR Bangers and another sexy VR Porn star, Veronica Rodriguez, who is (un)fortunately looking for some more than only making photos of Katya’s sexy ass, boobs and pussy.

This was supposed to be just a regular day with taking some pictures for portfolio, yet since Veronica is expecting a rather different turn of cases, it is good that her young colleague has already gotten naked. These situations are actually quite common in this industry, since while capturing such prints, the atmosphere in the air can get really intense and erotic, and it is really hard not to get horny while looking at such girl. Veronica is not being professional today and really wants to exploit the young vixen and don’t even think about accepting the refusal.

Since Katya really wants to get some precious experience and even more valuable photos from the pro photo shoot, she will do everything that Veronica says, including licking her juicy pussy and sucking on her bouncing titties. If you consider this a scam, you are absolutely right, but on the other hand – do you really deem it a bad thing? We have managed to place our Virtual Reality Porn camera on the set, so everything is recorded, and now all of you can watch the girls playing with each others in this immersive sex scene.

Just get your VR headset and some headphones on and listen carefully, as the girls are moaning and groaning while getting themselves to the long awaited orgasms – and all of this on your eyes in 360° scene that will make you feel like you have been there with them!

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