Oh no! You’re in Daisy Lee’s pocket!

November 29, 2017

Money runs this world, whether we like it or not. There is nothing for free, and they say that every man has his price – not necessarily stated in cash. Since money is so important, what happens when we’re getting out of it? The fact is, we can always take a loan or a credit, but these are only short-term solutions, because sooner or later we will have to pay them back. And what if we can’t pay the borrowed money back? It can get really nasty then… Unless you talk about a loan in the world of VR Porn – here even the worst situation can turn into something good!

Daisy Lee, Virtual Reality Porn star and main character of this episode is a real businesswoman. She’s incredibly efficient at turning money, investing and playing the stock market – she’s so rich that the only reason she’s a VR Porn actress is because she likes sex so much! When you ran out of money, you remembered that your friend Daisy was rather rich, so… you decided to borrow some cash from her. Some time has passed, so she eventually appeared in your home, asking: „Where is my money, honey?“ You’re totally broke and you have no way to pay off your debt, so either you will somehow get along, or you’ll end this day in the jail.

However, it’s your lucky day – the girl is horny, because for a long time no one has fucked her properly, so she offers you a deal that could only come from the VR Porn movie: Daisy will give you another couple of weeks to pay off your debt if you’ll fuck her brains out right here and right now!

When you agree to the terms of the new contract, the girl is shedding her clothes with lust in her eyes and kneels before you to give you head to make your dick hard. There is no better and quicker way to make your cock stiff, so she immediately gets to work, because otherwise you’ll be useless for her. She is playing with your dong for a while and as soon as she feels it’s grown up in her mouth, she pulls it out and puts it directly in her pussy.

Daisy rides you aggressively, punching your pecker to the very end and moaning and groaning at the same time so loudly, that you’re losing your mind. You know that at this rate you will not be able to hold on for too long, but you have to keep your part of the contract, so even if your balls were to explode, you need to withstand.

As her moans grow on intensity and she speeds up fucking you even more, and then suddenly stops, you already know that she’s managed to climax. Now when you are sure that the deal is done, you can take advantage of the situation and jizz yourself. The girl does not mind your hot load because she is too happy to finally have a good time.

You have two more weeks now. And what if you do not make enough money by this time? Daisy will visit you again, and then…

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