Ornella Morgan’s morning surprise show

You are an early, bird, which means you always get up before your girlfriend in order to do everything around the house. When it’s time to wake her up, all you have to do is take the covers off of her.

This time when you woke her up, you saw your hot girlfriend Ornella Morgan in an incredible pair of light blue lingerie. “Morning honey.” she says as she turns towards you.

It seems like a regular routine she does when you wake her up, however, this time something is a little different. She looks at you in the eyes, while playing with her tits over the bra, and all of the sudden, she decided to take it off.

To your surprise, you decided to sit in the chair next to the bed so you can enjoy whatever kind of show she plans to give you. After she plays with her tits for a bit more, she decided to take off her panties, which now makes her completely naked.

Without any hesitation, Ornella then took one of her fingers, and she started rubbing her clit, which made her breath heavily due to the pleasure she was feeling.

From time to time, she smiles as she is still staring at you while playing with herself, while also taking the fingers she was masturbating with and putting them into her mouth.

Later on, your girlfriend turned around into a different position, where she could use both of her hands to pleasure her pussy. She was using one of them to continue rubbing her clit while putting the fingers on the other one deep inside her.

However, the second position she was in did not last that long, because she realized you can not really enjoy the action that well from the angle you were watching.

In order to solve that issue, Ornella decided to sit opposite to you, so you can have an amazing view of her body. She laid a bit back, so you can have an even better sight of her drenched love tunnel, that she continued fingering again.

This time she hit her spots even better because instead of breathing heavily, she also moaned from time to time. But, because she was really horny, she decided to experiment a bit more, by going into the doggy position, fingering herself with both hands from different angles, however, she returned to the previous position quite fast.

As she was touching herself, her moans were louder and louder, which were the signs that she was about to cum. Eventually, Ornella let out one long loud moan which was caused by an amazing orgasm she was experiencing.

After her performance was done, she decided to give you a kiss, as a sign of appreciation of a watching her little surprise that she displayed for you.

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