Party like a rock-star with Patty Michova!

date_range December 09, 2017
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Party like a rock-star with Patty Michova!

Have you ever wanted to be a musician? Nobody knows where this is coming from, but instrumental guys had always been successful with girls, so it can be quite a motivation for anyone who's wondering about buying an instrument. Whether you decide to play a guitar, a bass guitar, a drum kit, or even something more classical like a violin or saxophone, if you master your instrument well, you should notice a surge in success among ladies - unfortunately not everyone was born with the right voice, so some of us have to help ourselves with the instruments.

So how do you become a musician? Well, you have to buy the instrument, learn the basics of its handling and start playing... playing A LOT. Beginnings, like everywhere, are tough and even the world's greatest musicians, such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Eddie Van Halen, also used to be newbies. Although, if you're a person surrounded by someone who is just starting to make his first musical steps, you're gonna need the ear plugs. And what if the person is the sexy VR Porn Star, Patty Michova? Well, then things can get a whole different turn and your instrument might actually get you laid...

Patty is your German stepmother who has recently moved into your father's house and you haven't had much time to get to know her. The fact is, you have seen how sexy her body is and you have admired her feminine shapes more than once, but she is your father's girl, and you don’t ever intrude on his affairs - so even though you like the woman, you don’t intend to hit on her, unless she wants to...

The instrument you have chosen is the drum kit. You brought the drums to the house, unpacked them and started learning. You play, you play... you play on... and still... And yes, it doesn't sound too good, but if you practice enough, you'll finally learn, right? At one point, Patty rushes into the room, grabs your sticks from your hands and walks out, slamming the door - it seems she could not stand the sound of it any longer.

After a while, the woman comes back and apologizes for her nerves, because she knows that everybody was a beginner once and that you have to practice. When you ask her if there's something wrong and why she's upset, she replies that they've had an argument with your father and that he doesn't pay any attention to her anymore, possibly he even betrayed her, and she became sexually unsatisfied, which affects her irritation - dude, such a chance may never come again! Now you can show her that you are a better fucker than your father and prove yourself!

So you're proposing the sexy VR Porn actress, that since she's so hot and your father is an asshole, so maybe you could... help her out? At first, as a decent woman, Patty refuses, but after a while... Fuck it, why not?

Want to see how sexually starved Patty is and if the instruments really work on women? Watch the latest VR Porn scene from VR Bangers and see for yourself whether it is worth buying a drum kit or a guitar!

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