Pillow Fight of Sabina Rouge and Vanna Bardot for the International Women’s Day!

Perhaps you did not know that, but yesterday, on March 8th, it was the International Woman’s Day – if you have a girlfriend and forgot about this occasion you have been else already painfully made aware of that fact by your woman, or else you do not have one and you simply do not care. Here, at Virtual Reality Bangers, we always care, and whether you like that or not, we had to celebrate this annual event – and it does not mean that we have prepared some roses for our female members (sorry!), and, as always, we simply had to commemorate this date in the unique VR Bangers’ style.

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That is exactly how the Down to Feathers VR porn video was born – a one-of-a-kind lesbian VR porn fantasy, which is at the same time the official VRB’s pillow fight for International Women’s Day!

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