Ranking of the Hottest VR Pornstars of 2018!

There’s a lot of factors that affect what women we like and which ones we consider to be more or less attractive. Although practically speaking every professional VR porn star is beautiful and has a sexy body, each of us has the right for his own preferences and list of favorite actresses based on their skills and/or beauty. Due to the fact that in our articles we always try to keep as much objectivity as possible, we reviewed the statistics on VR porn performers from our site and based on this data we have put together a list of the 10 most popular girls.

List of the most popular VR porn stars of 2018

Dillion Harper

She’s hot, she’s young and she’s one of the most popular VR pornstars amongst our fans, period. Dillion Harper is an all-natural Caucasian babe from the United States of America who’s played in a lot of VR Bangers’ virtual reality porn videos like Motherly Love, Wet Practice or Whipped Cream COCKtail. Even though her boobs are quite big, there’s nothing fake in neither them nor her acting – while watching her VR porn films, you can always count on her movements in front of the camera to be completely natural and not forced, which allows her to interact with her fans better (especially in productions recorded in 3D 360° virtual reality).

Mia Malkova

The next girl on our list will be none other than the sexy blonde Mia Malkova known on the VR Bangers website from, among others, productions such as Casting Couch or One Last Bang Before The Wedding VR porn movie. Since Mia is one of the most popular porn stars when it comes to both regular and virtual reality porn videos all around the world, her position on this list was a total necessity – we’re more than happy to have this beautiful vixen on the list of the girls with whom we cooperated.

Riley Reid

Riley Reid is another of the “obvious” VR porn stars who had to appear on this list, because everyone who is watching some adult movies (both in 2D and virtual reality) must have heard about her many times and probably spent a lot of passionate moments with her. Guilty Until Proven Innocent VR porn fantasy based on the iconic “Naked Instinct” movie and One Last Bang Before The Wedding VR porn video are the productions that we’ve managed to shoot with her – hopefully the list will only get bigger in the future.

Bridgette B

The time has come for the list to finally be followed by a person who will appeal to some real connoisseurs of VR porn videos – Bridgette B is one of the hottest MILFs in the VR porn industry and so beautiful woman will be appreciated only by those of our fans who put on real quality and believe that a woman like wine – gets better with age. BFFsSexGiving DayMotherly Love… She’s starred in a lot of VR Bangers’ VR porn videos already, so on our website you could watch her in many different fantasies and characters!

Marica Hase

Of course, our list could not miss the place also for one of the beautiful Japanese ladies – Marica Hase proudly represents this oriental type of beauty and enjoys great popularity among our Asian VR porn videos. With VR porn videos like Asian Squirt or infamous Room Service which inspired our cooperation with some Vegas’ hotels, her spot among the VR Bangers’ VR porn stars is well secured and no wonder that she’s so popular among our members.

Elsa Jean

There was a bit of refined style and oriental flavor on this list already, so it’s about time for a bit of sweetness in the form of an extremely charming Elsa Jean. This teen VR porn star with a natural body and cute little titties is like a girl that you’ve always wanted to fuck – just like in the College Crush VR porn video, you finally can in the VR Bangers’ immersive virtual reality.

Morgan Lee

She’s tiny and cute, yet very bossy and she’s not gonna let you go easily – at least until you’re gonna satisfy her completely. Morgan Lee and her cute little stars on her hips could be seen among the VR Bangers’ VR porn videos like Full Physical or Who’s the Boss – wear your VR headset if somewhat you’ve never seen her around, to discover her amazing talents on your very own eyes!

Jasmine Jae

Jasmine Jae is another item on our great list, this time with a dedication for all men who simply love some huge and… not necessarily natural breasts. Jasmine is a hot VR porn mom who’s been starring in a lot of VR porn movies in the past – she’s got a lot of valuable experience and shocked her fans multiple times in VR porn fantasies like Bang My Hot Stepmom or Pool Night.

Anya Olsen

Have you seen our VR porn parody called The Hobbit: The Desolation of Cock? Then you probably understand how did Anya Olsen get on this list. She’s an all-natural teen VR porn stars with a lot of talents and capabilities – those can be easily observed in VR porn videos like Happy Camper or the favorite of the football fans, the VRB Champions League.

Vanessa Decker

At the very end it turns out that on the list of your most popular choices there is also a girl from Europe – Vanessa Decker is a beautiful Czech VR porn babe who just loves her dominate her partners. With VR porn videos like Dark SecretsBetween The Sheets or, your favorite, #Selfie, she’s got herself a well-deserved spot, closing this little list of ours in effect.

Did you find your favorite one among our list or maybe you believe that some of them are out there completely undeservedly and that you’d create an entire different charts of your beloved VR porn stars? All the girls who were mentioned above got there because of the statistics of their popularity on our site, which allowed us to keep as much objectivity as possible – which may or may not coincide with your preferences. We hope that you liked at least few of them and that you regularly check out VR porn videos with their participation – all the girls we cooperate with, we try to choose to best fit the tastes of our fans!

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