Reading Cherry Kiss’s diary really pays off

While your hot stepsister Cherry Kiss was taking a shower, you decided to go into her room to look through some of her stuff. While looking around, you happened to find her diary.

After going through a couple of pages, you happened to find one where Cherry wrote how she is in love with you, how you have an incredibly hot body and how she really wishes that you would fuck her.

As you are reading this page of the diary, she happened to return from her shower, catching you in action. “What the fuck are you doing in my room? Are you seriously reading through my diary?” she yells at you while being extremely upset.

Cherry kept yelling at you for a while, but soon she realized that there is no point to that because she does not have to hide her feelings anymore. “Now that you read my diary, you will have to do exactly as it says,” she says while slapping your cock over your jeans.

Then she slid your jeans down, allowing your cock to get completely erect while your stepsister Cherry strokes you for a while. Once it got completely erect, she will start sucking on it. The moment your cock was inside her mouth, you felt an incredible sensation.

She kept on sucking your big shaft, but she also decided to kiss you a few times along the way. “You are enjoying this you bastard. Well, touch me mother fucker” she tells you while taking your hand and putting it on her medium sized tits.

Do not be afraid, you can do whatever you want to me,” she tells you. This is when you decided to grab both of her tits, and as you fondled them, Cherry will tell you that she is really wet.

As she says that, you will see her position herself in a way that her pussy is pretty close to your face, but not close enough for you to provide her some oral pleasure. That is why you will finger her for a while instead.

When her pussy gets nice and wet, she will get into the sixty-nine position where she will suck on your pecker while you now finger her asshole. The moment she becomes so horny that she just has to have your cock inside her, she will start riding you in the reverse cowgirl position.

Cherry will then bounce up and down for a while until she gets a bit tired, and then she will get her ass close to your face once again. “Spread my pussy baby,” she tells you while you finger her some more.

Upon regaining her stamina, she will now ride you in the cowgirl position, but this time she will also swiftly rub her clitoris as she impales herself on your raging boner as hard as she can. Cherry will continue with this technique all the way until she cums.

Once she does, she will finish you off with another blowjob. As she deepthroats your hard pecker, you will deliver a nice hot load into her mouth that she will play around with for a while.

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