Real Sex With Robots Controlled With VR Porn Gear? HTC Vive Wands and Trackers Used as Remotes!

Rescue robots could be unfathomably helpful devices, since they’re capable of doing things that are excessively perilous for normal humans. Yet if you’ve ever seen such robots – the ones from the current-generation of robotics – handling these sorts of situations, you’ll know even the most developed of them do not have the coordination and adaptability of development required. To settle this, a gathering of scientists from Japan are attempting another technique for robot-control, giving humans a chance to control a bot basically like a puppeteer with his puppet. This technology can serve not only to save people, but also to VR Porn. Imagine a scenario where using your VR goggles you control a doll or a robot that will touch your partner the way you want at the other end of the world – this can be a very big step for experiencing sex through virtual reality!

This kind of remote control method isn’t new, and as a rule goes under a branch of research known as “telepresence.” However, researchers from the College of Tokyo say their technique (presented a month ago at the IROS conference) is further developed than any of its predecessors’. Prior systems utilized only smaller robots or was just controlling the upper parts of the bot; theirs controls a whole robot as large as a grown-up human, utilizing controllers from HTC Vive virtual reality system. It’s a good news, since many of VR Porn watchers are using these headsets, so it should only make it easier for such technology to catch on.

The Vive’s “lighthouse” sensors are utilized to track its controllers in 3D space using infrared light. All you need to do is strap a controller to each of your feet and hands, so the researchers can map your movements and send them directly to one of their newest robots. The truly smart part, however, is the delegate programming that guarantees any movement sent to the robot is changed to fit its abilities.

“For example, you cant jump or run, but you can walk at regular speed,” said Ishiguro Yasushiro, one of the head scientists to The Verge magazine over an email. If you’ll be too ruggedly moving, you’re gonna get smoothed out, and if you will be too fast, it’s gonna slow your movements down. Yasushiro adds, “We force the robot to keep it safe.” He also admits that his invention has “a lot of weak points,” still it’s much more flexible and responsive than any other available designs. Weak flexibility is another problem that limited the capabilities of such inventions in the Virtual Reality Porn industry, so it may be a huge step forward for such business.

Robot currently used for experiments has been built many years ago at the university – his name is JAXON. Previously it was one of the competitors in a DARPA Robotics Challenge – competition testing robots in the disaster scenarios. Right now such bots are claimed to be too bulky to be used in any real disaster field, hopefully they’ll get more handy in the future – or simply when used for other purposes like adults films industry or sexual intercourse for longing lovers. We really hope that such technology might be a revolution for all of us in the future, and VR Bangers can’t wait to find a use for it. Join us at to know first if we’ve managed to do so!