Sexy Maid Paola Mike Finds Your Hidden Camera

Since you have a pretty big house, security is one of your biggest concerns, thus you have camera pretty much everywhere in the house. You have cameras in paintings, vases, fake flowers, in a lot of places.

When the maid that server in your family for years decided to retire, you were bound to find a new maid. Surely, it is hard someone who you can trust with expensive items lying around everywhere in your wealthy home, but in case something goes wrong, you can always have the cameras to check things out.

The maid you decided to hire, was a sexy European brunette, who just started her career as a professional housekeeping maid. One day, you found some very interesting footage that your VR camera captured in the living room.

Your hot maid, Paola Mike, was wearing a sexy red dress, and while she was doing some dusting in the living room, she found one of the hidden cameras.

Since you didn’t tell her about them, you might expect her to be surprised, but instead, she decides to fool around for a bit.

In the camera footage, Paola gets in front of the camera, and bends over so you can take a nice glimpse of her behind, which was covered with desirable black lingerie.

After that, she decides to sit down in the chair, that was directly in front of the VR camera. She subtly takes off her red dress, revealing her natural medium sized tits, while smiling for the camera.

As she loosens up the dress, she fondled with her titties for a bit before taking the dress off, leaving her in sexy black panties and high heels.

Paola then lays back into the leather chair, spreads her legs and moves her panties to the side, so you can see her nicely shaved pussy. Moments later, she decides to turn around, displaying her amazing ass while saying “Come baby”.

Shortly after she laid down in the chair again after she took off her panties. She spread her legs, and she started off her solo masturbation session by putting her fingers deep inside her pussy.

While Paola fingered herself, she got extremely wet, so she really needed something to satisfy her instead of her fingers.

She tried changing positions, she tried spanking her ass, licking off her pussy juices, but neither for that worked out, so she decided to go with her favorite method of them all.

On the little table next to her, you could see that she already prepared some of her favorite toys, like she planned this to happen all along.

Since her fingers didn’t do the trick, her two sex toys definitely did as she moaned all along while inserting them deep into her nicely drenched pussy until she had an amazing orgasm.

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