Sexy Pool Girl Rihanna Samuel

You didn’t  really feel comfortable about hiring a male pool boy, and that is why you hired Rihanna Samuel, an incredibly hot redhead babe. One day, you saw her working on the pool, so you decided to sit down and watch her work.

Since she was wearing a colorful swimsuit that fits her beautiful body perfect, you will realize that you definitely made a right choice. However, since she does not feel that great about her hourly wage, she decided to ask you for a promotion, but even if she is doing a great job along with looking great while doing it, you consider it is too early for that.

When you informed her that it is too early, she got in front of you with her chest turned away. You could see her meddling with the swimsuit, like she is taking it off. At on point, she slightly bent over to the front and she slid down her swimsuit, revealing you her juicy big ass.

She decided to spank it for you before turning around. When she turned around, you could easily see her nicely trimmed pussy and her small delicious tits as well. Rihanna sat down on the chair in front of you as she started to lick her fingers.

Once she got them nicely soaked in her saliva, Rihanna started to rub her nipples in order to make herself wet and horny. You could truly see just how much she is enjoying it when her nipples are being exposed to her saliva.

Not long after, she already starts to touch herself by spreading her legs before inserting a finger inside her pussy. “Mmmm, my pussy is so wet.” Rihanna says quietly before taking out the finger and putting it into her mouth.

She took a quick look around, and now she found herself a nice sex toy that was on the chair she was sitting on. Naturally, since she is already in an amazing mood, she put the toy into her mouth. Rihanna then proceeded to suck on the pink dildo while still rubbing her trimmed pussy with her other hand.

Eventually, you will see her spread legs while being lift up in the air as she takes the saliva drenched dildo out of her mouth and slides it over her pussy lips. She decided to tease herself like that for a couple of moments, but it did not take long for her to begin masturbating with the sex toy.

Rihanna used one of her hands to nicely spread her lips so she can rub her clit and penetrate herself with the sex toy. But even if you really enjoyed watching her with her legs being spread, you asked her to go into doggy.

Being so horny, she listened to your demands. Now you can see Rihanna in the doggy position, her ass is still as juicy as it was when you saw her slide down her swimsuit, but this time, she is also penetrating her pussy with a dildo while you are admiring its glorious shape.

As time passes by, Rihanna will get to the point where she is about to cum. She will start moaning louder and louder until her cum goes all over the sex toy. Then she will take the toy and lick off all the juices.

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