Sexy Video Call with Karol Lilien

While you were in a video call with your girlfriend Karol Lilien, you both decided to have some drinks. Since you were quite far away from her, this was the only way of you two to experience something as close as it can possibly be to a date.

Naturally, you both had more than a single drink, and before you knew it, you see Karol having a very naughty look as she stares into the camera.

Hey, what is going on?” you ask her, but she does not reply. You only see Karol fondling with her tits over the incredible blonde dress she was wearing. Sometimes she would also go through her blonde hair too.

Not long after her little fondling show, she lifts up her shirt and she starts playing with her nipples. Since her dress was sort of in the way, Karol decided to get rid off it completely.

The next thing that happened was Karol taking the glass of wine she was enjoying earlier. She dipped the finger in before wiping the wine all over her nipples since that makes her really horny.

Since that little amount of wine was not enough to moisten her nipples, Karol then took the glass and poured some wine onto her tits directly from it. As the wine slid down her boobies, you could see that she was feeling aroused, so you decided to stay quiet until she says something.

Even if Karol is now wet, she wanted to make her pussy lips even wetter so she took the glass one more time and poured some wine all over her black panties while touching herself with her other hand. After rubbing her pussy like that for a bit, she licked off the wine mixed with her pussy juices off of her hand.

Then, Karol decided to get completely naked while you were watching her. When the panties came off, she started to play with them by putting them in her mouth and then sliding them over her pussy.

You see Karol leaning back a little as she lifts her legs high up in the air. You notice that she is wearing her black high heels, however, they quickly become the least important thing in the frame because Karol will start masturbating.

She spanks her nicely shaved pussy a couple of times before finally plunging some fingers deep inside her love tunnel. The more fingers she inserts, the more pleasure her face is expressing.

Eventually, she will start moaning while penetrating her hole, so in order to not make too much noise, Karol changes the position. Instead of having her legs spread while leaning back, she is now in the doggy position where you can see her beautiful ass while she still plunges her pussy.

However, this position did not last too long since she didn’t feel as great as in the previous one, so she rotated back to the one before instead. Here you will see her masturbating all the way until she has an incredible orgasm.

When she does, Karol will take the glass of wine saying “Cheers” before taking a sip.

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