Shadow VR – Cheap and Independent VR Goggles for Vive Wave

Some time ago, HTC announced the Vive Wave platform, which aims to promote the possibilities of VR goggles by opening the system to various standards as well as third-party producers and developers. Thanks to this idea, not only the library of products in application stores is to become richer, but there will also be many more companies supporting this type of contents. It didn’t take much time to first of such firms to show up, as the Shadow Creator company has just proposed their latest Shadow VR goggles as a part of the Vive Wave platform – and we strongly believe that this VR headset might be at least as good for VR porn movies as the Oculus Quest.

Shadow VR is a standalone, independent VR device based on Vive references and technologies, so it provides the user with freedom of movement without giving up precise motion controllers. Such a scheme of action will now be popularized (indirectly being the effect of the Vive Wave platform), allowing programmers to create titles for a much wider audience, thus popularizing VR porn movies in some new markets. Headset is to be classified as affordable but not the cheapest one, laying on the average class shelf like aforementioned Oculus Quest or Vive Focus.

Shadow VR has everything you need to play in a virtual environment, and even more that we could ask for comfortable watching of VR porn films. The unit is to work on Snapdragon 835 (interestingly, not the latest). The whole thing is completely wireless (with a 3400mAh battery), unless you have just run out of energy and attach to charging through the USB-C port. What’s more, the Shadow Creator company will use ultra thin Fresnel optics in the goggles with a 110-degree field of view. The display has 2560 x 1440 pixels, so it does not differ much from other top-quality devices of the high-end series. Below you can find its’ comparison with it’s biggest rival for VR porn videos, the Oculus Quest VR visor.

Of course, the motion tracking system is also built into the goggles. All sensors will be directly on the head, so the precise reading of the movement will resemble more expensive devices. Slowly, this type of analysis becomes the standard, including precise controllers for control and navigation. Goggles and controllers have a 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) motion reading. In this respect, entertainment should resemble the latest proposals of many top brands producing electronics. The controllers of Shadow’s VR visor provide the same control system, which is a condition for access to games and applications with this type of virtual operation, and possibly a great way of steering some interactive VR porn experiences in the future.

Shadow VR goggles were priced at $399, which is roughly the same as most models on the Windows Mixed Reality platform. Did we get your attention and it sounds like a good idea for VR porn scenes? Or maybe you still prefer the Oculus Quest much more? We leave that decision entirely to you!

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