Slamming in the woods with Anya Olsen

You went on a camping trip with your hot girlfriend Anya Olsen and your parents. While still sleeping inside your tent, Anya will crawl towards you, telling you “We don’t have much time!“, before she takes off your pants.

I see you have morning wood, maybe I should help you with that,” says Anya before taking your stiff shaft into her hands. Soon, she starts sucking you off, starting quite slowly so she can tease you for a bit until your cock gets completely erect.

Once it does, Anya will continue stroking your cock while sliding it deep down her throat. From time to time, she will take it out, so she can move her lips along the side of your cock, down to your balls before getting back up, where she continues deepthroating you once again.

All this sucking makes her kind of hot, so she will start undressing the longer she sucks your big cock. Eventually, she will remove some layers of her clothes, leaving her only in her panties, bra, and her sneakers.

She then starts grinding on your cock in the reverse cowgirl position, but before she sticks it inside her pussy, she tells you “Oh my god your dick makes me so wet“.

Unlike the blowjob, she doesn’t start riding you slowly. Instead, Anya will immediately start riding your cock at full speed, which will cause her to moan out loud as she tells you ” Oh yeah, fuck me, that feels so good!

When this hottie got a bit tired, she decided to take a little break by sucking your cock some more. Catching her breath, she will now mount your wang in the standard cowgirl position. Before she starts riding at full speed, Anya takes off her red bra, revealing her delicious medium sized tits.

She will once again ride you hard until she gets tired, thus she will show off some more cock sucking skills afterward. Anya then tells you to get up, so she can enjoy your big erect cock from some more angles.

The last position you fuck your hot girlfriend is going to be the doggy position, which is her favorite. As she positions herself in front of you, she will start impaling her tight wet pussy onto your big schlong.

While drilling her in this position, you will hear her moan louder than in any other positions all the way until you are about to cum.

When that moment came, Anya got off of your cock, she kneeled in front of you and started sucking you off. You hear her parents coming around, as they yell “Honey, we’re back.” which Anya responds “He’s cumming, mom. I mean, I’m coming mom” as she deepthroats your cock until you fill her mouth with your warm cum.

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