Slamming Some Hotties With Your Best Friend

What better way to celebrate the new year but to invite the girls that were at your place for Christmas. As the countdown reached zero, you see the champagne bottle open and the party-poppers go off.

Your best friend and five hotties take some drinks. They all took a glass off champagne, putting them in an incredible horny mood. First, your friend will ask the girls to do some dancing for your friend while throwing some decorations over the girls.

Dance girls, dance” he tries to liven up the party. However, instead of dancing, the girls had something else in the plan as you can see one of them stripping in front of you.

Eventually, all of them will join her. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing five vixens doing stripteases just for you and your best friend.

Once they get completely naked, they will not stop there as they will start playing with each other’s tits while making out with each other. Suddenly, you will see one of the girls getting down on her knees, grabbing your crotch before other girls come towards you as well.

They will continue making out while touching you as they unzip your pants. When they take out your big cock, you will hear all of them say “Wow” while looking at your big pecker who is yet to get completely erect.

The girls will start playing with your cock, massaging it with their fingers as well as their tongues. While the blonde babe strokes you off and gives you a blowjob, other girls will come around from time to time to give you a kiss.

When your cock gets completely erect, this will really arouse them which means that they will want to go for a ride on your rock solid donger.

As soon as the first girl starts riding you, she will start impaling her pussy quite slowly because she is really tight, and your cock is a bit too big for her to handle it without allowing it to stretch her up a bit.

While she is slowly preparing her pussy, your best friend will receive a head from the blonde babe that sucked you off earlier. Eventually, she will also start giving him a boob job.

Since her pussy got nicely stretched, the girl riding you will start going faster and faster. This will cause her to scream due to the incredible pleasure she is experiencing from your bulging rod.

When she gets enough of your donger, she will allow other girls to take their turns to ride you in the cowgirl position as well. To your surprise, all of them will moan in pleasure as their tight pussies can barely handle your completely erect dick.

Once they all take turns to ride your pecker, they will surround you once again, and they will start stroking your big cock while some of them also suck on your balls. “We really want your cum. Please cum for us” the girls will keep telling you until you finally shoot out your load.

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