Slutty wife Lady Dee comes back from shopping with a surprise!

They say that marriage is a constant work and compromise – there really is something in it. Both sides must strive each day to keep the relationship going and there is nothing better than a sexy and creative wife who can still surprise you even after all these years! And what if your wife was a VR Porn star?

Lady Dee, your young wifey with a small but exceptionally sexy body, is the best example of how every wife should behave. With this girl, you can never get bored and she knows best what her husband likes – yet again she managed to surprise you and, to the joy of both sides, refresh your long-term relationship a little.

Every guy likes sex surprises, and every good wife should know about it and regularly take care of her man. Lady Dee knows this principle better than you think and realizes that even after all those years you still like her sexy body and that she can still make you happy with it.

According to this idea, she’s decided to do a little shopping to surprise her man – when she came back home, her firm, shapely and sexy body was covered in a tight dress. Even though the dress is a bit slutty, there is nothing wrong with it, since it’s a gift for you and only you. Her firm breasts and sticking out nipples are visible through the material, and her feminine shapes and rounded hips are emphasized in the new dress more than in any other cloth. You already know that this day will end with good fun – just like every day in the Virtual Reality Porn world.

Lady moves seductively to bring your attention to her and to get your dick hard without even touching you. After a while, you two go to the bedroom, since neither of you can withstand the prevailing excitement atmosphere any longer. Your wife begins to striptease in front of you in a way that you will remember for the rest of your life – thank god that you are recording this scene with your Virtual Reality equipment.

When there’s nothing left on her, Lady starts to take your clothes off, naturally beginning with your pants. When she’s finally unzipped your jeans, she can finally take care of your dick and grab it with her mouth – even though she’s been doing it for hundreds of times, her delicate lips and wet tongue still make you go crazy.

The girl sticks your dick deep into her throat, then spits on it and licks your swollen balls, playing with them while looking straight into your eyes with passion. When Lady can no longer hold on to you and wants to feel you inside, she spreads her legs and takes your dick in as deep as possible, pushing you towards her body with her nimble legs.

You know exactly how to fuck your wife to make hear moan – you too know how to touch her, so every now and then you play with her wet pussy with your fingers and tongue, making her go crazy about it.

When you are no longer able to withstand her tight pussy clambering on you, you do not even have to say anything because your wife knows best what do you like and exactly when you’re going to cum – this time it was no different as she makes you squirt on her firm, bumpy boobs.

You do not want to know how much money she spent on this dress, but regardless of its’ price, it was worth it…

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