Soccer Practice Becomes Sexy Thanks to Anya Olsen and Bridgette B

You are one of the best coaches out there, and this time you feel really motivated to win the championship. There is only one problem, two of your players, Anya Olsen and Bridgette B are real slackers. They are never serious when it comes to practice, so you decided to dedicate some personal time to them where you will train them in private.

However, this will not help the situation as you will shortly see that the girls are still goofing around. At one point they will stop practicing and they will ask you “Can we take off our shirts, it is kind of hot out here?“. But since you have absolutely no impact on their behavior, they will not take off their shirts no matter what you say.

But before they do that, these naughty girls will take some water and pour it all over each other. To you surprise, these two beauties will really take off their shirts, which makes both of them reveal their incredible tits. Anya has medium sized boobies while Bridgette is rockin’ a pretty big pair of milk cans that you would definitely like to play with.

Since you are their coach, and the championship is all that matters, you simply told them to continue practicing now that they got what they wanted. The girls will listen to you as they will practice for a little more, but that will not last for long.

We had enough of practice, let us do something else.” says Anya as he approaches you before grabbing your hard cock. She then proceeded to grind her pussy on your knee as Bridgette joined her a couple of moments later.

You now find yourself in a situation that you could never imagine. Two hot babes are making out with each other while they are playing with each other’s tits as they grind their pussies on your knees.

Somehow you managed to stay professional, and you decided to only observe their actions without doing anything yourself. “I am sorry we are not better players.” says Bridgette while climbing in your lap and putting her large breasts into your face. After she does that, Bridgette will invite Anya to join her so they can both grind your legs together.

However, this time instead of just grinding you, these hotties will start fingering each other. This will cause them to moan out loud as they are both incredibly horny.

Because it was slightly difficult for them to climax while they were on your lap, these girls decided to sit in the chairs across you. Here they continued to masturbate until both of them had incredible orgasms and when they were done, they licked each other juices by putting their wet fingers into one another’s mouth.

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