Strawberries, champagne and Alexis Adams!

They say that behind every great man is an even greater woman – do you agree with that? Well, I’d say that most importantly, your beloved has to be creative to spice things up from time to time, so your relationship and, especially, your sex life will never get boring – and yes, VR Porn can help you with that, too! Alexis Adams is exactly such a person – she will not let you even think of another woman, regularly taking care of you in the best known her way.

There are many methods for spicing things up in a relationship, starting from the introduction of sexual gadgets such as vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, or various types of cords and gags; through occasional dressing-ups to fulfill the school-girl, secretary, police officer or nurse fantasies; ending up with all kinds of fun with food, or new, more or less extreme sexual positions (or even Kamasutra!) to find some new experiences.

It’s a nice, warm weekend, and your roommates have left the city. You have the whole house for yourself, so you relax, resting after a week of stress, work and responsibilities. Suddenly your girlfriend, Alexis, dressed in sexy lace outfit, black stockings and holding your favorite champagne and strawberries, walks into the room.

The girl took care of every detail, wearing a makeup which is a little more provocative than usual, choosing the right jewelry and putting her hair in your favorite way – you did not know her from this side, because her usually sweet and innocent look is now filled with passion and excitement.

Alexis starts playing with a strawberry, licking it with her tongue out while looking straight at you. You are getting harder and harder every minute, and the fact that you do not know what to expect even further increases your excitement.

Alexis begins to unzip your pants, seeing through your trousers that you are hard already and wanting to feel your cock in her mouth. She pulls it out of your pants and starts sucking it, so deep that you can feel her saliva running down on your balls. She plays with your penis for a while until she finally decides to move on.

Although her outfit is very sexy, unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to have sex in it, so it’s time to remove it. Alexis changes the undressing into a hot striptease, sexually moving her feminine shapes in front of you and giving you a show, to the delight of your eyes.

After a moment, Alexis lays down in front of you on a table with her legs spread and pushes you firmly to her side, waiting for her reward for all those efforts – she wants you to fuck her harder than ever before. You don’t need to be asked twice – after all these preparations you feel like a real VR Porn star, fucking a slutty model during the VIrtual Reality porn scene.

After a moment, Alexis grabs you even harder and says, “Now take me from behind.” She turns around on the table, sticks her firm ass out up in front of you, and waits until you take what belongs to you in the hardest possible way.

You fuck her until you lose your breath, listening to her moans and the sound of your balls bouncing off her buttocks, and when you can’t hold it anymore, you cum on her stubbly ass, watching as the sperm runs down on her smooth butt-cheeks.

In fact, you are more tired than before, when you were supposed to rest, but you’re not even mad, since how couldn’t you enjoy such a surprise? With the right woman at your side, life can be as interesting as it is shown in VR Porn movies from

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