Strawberries, Whipped Cream and Dillion Harper

When you woke up from your afternoon nap, you saw your cute girlfriend Dillion Harper next to you. “Good morning baby, I hope you had a nice nap,” she says while being completely naked.

You know baby, I have a little surprise since it is our anniversary. Just stay here, I will be right back” she tells you before going out of the room.

A few moments later, you see Dillion coming back to the room with some whipped cream on her big natural tits and her nicely trimmed pussy. “Hey baby, here I am,” she says while approaching you on the bed.

You see her take some whipped cream off of her pussy and putting it in her mouth, which gave you an instant boner. Naturally, she noticed that so she decided to sit on your crotch while teasing you a bit.

Dillion decided to dip some strawberries into the whipped cream on her tits before eating them. “I’m a messy girl, do you want to help me by licking all of the cream off?” she asks you while shaking her big tits as she grinds on your cock.

She knows that you are really horny, so she doesn’t tease you for too long and lets you touch her. After Dillion removes the blanket, she will bend over in front of you, giving you an incredible view of her ass.

You want to spread some of this cream all over my ass,” she asks you while putting some whipped cream over one of her ass cheeks. Instead of spreading the cream, you had some better ideas as you will start fingering her delicious pussy, making her nice and wet.

After a nice session of fingering, Dillion will provide you with some real pleasure by taking off your boxers so she can suck on your big pulsating schlong. Before she does any sucking, she will, of course, put some whipped cream on it for a better taste.

As she sucks on your cock, she will go from the top all the way to the bottom and to your balls too. Once she repeats this process a couple of times, making your cock nice and wet, she will proceed with her plan to pleasure you.

By getting on top of you again, Dillion will display her pussy to you, asking you to finger her just a little longer before she starts riding you. Upon reaching an orgasm while you fingerbang her, she will start riding you in the reverse cowgirl position which will make her moan out loud.

You feel her pussy getting stretched by your big shaft as it easily slides inside thanks to the saliva on your cock and the cum inside her tunnel, and it will not take long for you to reach the point where you are about to cum.

To finish you off, Dillion will get between your legs. She will then give you a blowjob that is even better than the one before, and she will continue sucking until you cum.

When you do, she will spit the cum on the strawberry so she can enjoy eating it passionately.

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