Summary of Three Years of VR Bangers’ Activity

And for how many years are you in the family of members of Virtual Reality Bangers? One year? Maybe two? Or maybe you are with us from the very beginning of our activity an you keep on watching our VR porn movies for years now? With our 3rd anniversary being right behind the corner, we decided to to summarize everything we have already done in this past years and list our all bigger and smaller achievements inside of this blog. So it all started with…

2015 – the first year of Virtual Reality Bangers existence

Back in the day in 2015 there were not too many companies shooting VR porn movies, so we were kinda niche and not everyone believed that our idea of bringing joy and immersion to adults from all over the globe will actually work. The company was officially created in February yet it took us a lot of efforts to systematize everything and we have only started with production of our first VR porn movies few months later. Almost a year after the registration of the VR Bangers brand, the website was finally ready and both we and our VR porn scenes were finally prepared to hit the first members of our soon-to-be-created family of members.

2016 – is finally live!

The website was ready for our customers and we could finally show the world what we have got – and yet it took only few months for us to be one of the first VR porn studios to shoot some VR porn scenes in 4K ultra high definition. This innovative idea was then quickly followed by our introduction of virtual reality streaming and our flourishing cooperation with Kiiroo which led to our proprietary development of teledildonics and haptic technology that allows sexual partners to simulate sexual relations over a distance in VR.

Then we came up with the idea of releasing the very first VR porn parody – and thus The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Cock was born – which was quickly followed by our first VR porn scenes in full 3D 360° – being the very first ones of their kind on the virtual reality porn market – and our idea of equipping some hotels with VR headsets preloaded with our VR porn movies. The company was growing and the base of our VR porn scenes was getting bigger and bigger and so the 2017 began…

2017 – the year of diversification!

2017 was at that point definitely the most active of all years of the VR Bangers’ activity as it not only gave birth to our proprietary VR porn app (that you may now know as PLAY’A), but also an introduction of our amazing VR Head Rig and an entire family of our secondary websites: and

We reached with VR porn to some fertility clinics, created our very first VR game called The Dragon MILF and came up with the idea of a synchronized couples experience known by you as the Couples Retreat (his and hers). Oh, and we have also hacked the PS VR goggles to create the very first VR porn for the consoles…

2018 – it’s time for 6K!

Last year we have released our very first VR porn movies in 6K ultra high definition (also being the very first producers of VR adult movies that did it), brought a whole lot of new technological solutions (like e.g. our Head Rig 2.0 and many others) and tricked you all with our epic April Fools’ joke! 2018 was also a year of the introduction of our one-of-a-kind affiliate system known by you as the VRB Cash.

This was also the year in which our yet another VR porn parody – Wonder Woman (A XXX Parody) with Marley Brinx – has won the 2019 AVN Awards and made us the winners of the best virtual reality sex scene of the year category! This was a huge distinction for us and we obviously can’t wait to win more such exclusive rewards to come. And speaking about the future…


Only the time will show what do we have up our sleeves but with all these years of activity and with ever-growing family of devoted members you can be sure that we will only keep on trying to give you an even greater set of VR porn experiences in the future – stay with us to see what else Virtual Reality Bangers have planned and yet again get surprised by our incoming VR porn initiatives!