The Future of Virtual Reality According to HTC

It’s safe to say that HTC is on everyone’s lips for last couple of months. First, last year, we told you about the company’s statement that “VR is doing better than ever”, which led to a whole lot of new virtual reality technologies introduced lately. They started with a tease of some new Vive hardware at CES 2019, which turned out to be their newest VR headset called Vive Cosmos. Then they have followed this news with whole bunch of other new VR devices released at Consumer Electronic Show, and then told us about their newest idea for cooperation with Mozilla and Amazon Sumerian AWS – the one hoping to bring all aspects of everyday life inside of the immersion of virtual reality. With such an enormous amount of news and announcements, the company has given us a one more, summarizing one, trying to foretold not only the future of VR porn movies, but also entire virtual reality market.

Announcements of new VR equipment

As you have probably noticed, there is a whole lot of new materials about new HTC’s VR equipment coming every day. Since the company has lately imposed a pace much faster than their competitors, it is rather justified – starting with the Vive Pro Eye VR headset which could be great for some 6K UHD VR porn movies, and going through all the new devices listed below. Although the HTC Vive Pro Eye is not very different from HTC Vive Pro, the truly interesting part of this device is invisible at the first glance – meaning the tracking of the movement of the eyeballs. HTC Vive Pro Eye set in conjunction with properly prepared applications will track where we look and monitor how long we are doing that, which could be an incredibly useful tool for creators of top-notch VR porn videos like Virtual Reality Bangers.

VR 2.0 with Vive Cosmos

Although the HTC Vive Cosmos is still shrouded in a cloud of mystery, we learn more and more about it from day to day. This set is to be a face in the broadly understood entertainment sector. Among other things, its’ lack of base stations and high mobility are to outclass competitors, being also some great features for convenient watching of VR porn scenes. Headset is designed to revolutionize the equipment market and introduce us, let’s call it conventionally, to VR 2.0. HTC Cosmos will be the first equipment to be integrated with the new Viveport, about which we told you in the article of the company’s newest cooperation.

So is VR (and VR porn) doing fine?

Is 2019 the year of VR? Or will it be the year of HTC? We are not a fortune tellers and we are going to guess – and especially that their competition is not sleeping. We can only be sure that the coming months will provide us with new information about new solutions that will bring us closer to those known from books or SF films – meaning a bright and wonderful future for some VR porn scenes, too!

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