The Male G-spot: Pleasures and Fears

Did you know a man’s G-spot is much easier to locate than a woman’s? It is located ~5 cm inwards from the anus and is pretty easy to find as it feels like a small sensitive bump. The Prostate feels amazing when stimulated and can be a part of any man’s sexual journey!


More than fear, what men often think about male G-spot is associated with shame. There are many cases in which, before thinking about the pleasure that this area can stimulate in sex, they think that it is an area that should not be explored due to its taboo associations. It is widespread in the masculine world that, if a man is heterosexual, there are certain parts of his body that are off limits in terms of sexual pleasure inducing stimulation. This opinion, although it may have support from a large part of society, greatly limits the pleasure a man can feel in sex. For this reason, it is silly to continue maintaining these thoughts since the only thing it will do is limit ones sexual experiences.


The term sex includes in its definition the word pleasure; therefore, one thing cannot be understood without the other. Do not put barriers, because it is an act of love in which there is enough confidence to be able to try new things that help to discover new ways of pleasure. Sex is better with an open mind and should not be hindered by moral or any other type of limitations.

One of the limitations Men may face is accessibility to their G-spot. Men should start with exploring all the erogenous zones to begin the process of arousal. From that point you can begin approaching the male g-spot, which once incorporated into the sexual journey will bring you to the most amazing orgasm experience. The important thing is great communication and exploring your limits one step at a time, there is no rush and it’s important to gently work up to male g-spot stimulation. Ways to get warmed up for prostate stimulation can be masturbation through jerking off and/or using male masturbator so you are sufficiently turned on.

Using lots of lube you can then begin exploring the anus with fingers, by rubbing the little bud and slowly going in gently as far as you feel comfortable with. Solo exploration is a great way to get comfortable and eventually you can work up to exploring with a partner. Remember breaking down the barriers (both physical and mental) is the key to reaching the new awesome experience of male g-spot associated orgasms!

Once you have explored sufficiently with fingers, you can move onto the process of playing with a prostate massager that you can insert. Lube (water based only!) is a key part of the process, so make sure you have plenty on hand! Make sure the anus is well lubricated as well as the prostate massager and begin to insert it, very slowly, allow your anus to stretch slowly and become accustomed to the size.

It is the perfect size (small so it’s not intimidating to beginners) once it is fully inserted to reach the prostate and you can begin to enjoy the vibrations. The two powerful motors a perfect for stimulating the prostate and perineum simultaneously for an experience that is both external and internally pleasurable. It is the most perfectly angled massager for the male g-spot and the remote makes it super easy to adjust the vibrations to the perfect pattern and intensity for your enjoyment. For a great orgasm, take the vibrations from gentle to climax inducing and make sure to relax and enjoy the feelings without thinking about anything other than the sensations you are feeling.

Remove all the societal pressures and barriers to your pleasure through sexual exploration of the male g-spot. It will be hard but be patient and remember there is absolutely nothing wrong with exploring all the beautiful erogenous zones of the human body. Start slow and work your way up both physically and mentally. Keep the doors to amazing male g-spot orgasms open and see where your journey takes you!

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