The Many Cowgirls of VR Bangers

Hey guys, today it is a very special day on our little VR Bangers’ blog, as we have been honored with a comprehensive article/review about cowgirl positions in our VR porn movies written by one of our affiliates. The text is rather long but is very concrete and interesting, so hopefully you are about to have a good time while reading it. Let us know at our community forums if you would like to read similar blogs in the future – apart from some regular tech blogs from virtual reality porn world and news about the VR porn business, we could publish something similar from time to time.

The Many Cowgirls of VR Bangers

Hi everybody, I’m honored to be here on the VR Bangers’ blog. I’ve been reviewing VR porn movies since 2015. And, I recently gave VRB’s output an overdue perusal. If you demanded a summary impression…I’d probably say, “That’s some very horny and varied cowgirl action.”

Why horny? Why varied?

We’ll cover that below with picture examples. But, first let’s put our cowgirling into context. During VR porn’s early days, the movies were quite cowgirl-oriented. That makes sense. It was immediately obvious to everyone that cowgirling simply works well in a 3D, VR porn experience. The viewer gets a tight, titillating perspective: face, eyes, breasts, nipples, torso…the whole horny enchilada.

Cowgirl footage will probably always be the backbone of virtual porn movies. A VR porn movie without cowgirl is kind of like a strip club without a stage. After a while, though, viewers demanded additional, cowgirl fine-tuning. They wanted the woman closer: either upright or leaning-in (rather than always leaning back).

Upright Cowgirl

Upright cowgirl is now an expected, requisite component of 3D porn. The Bangers studio reliably delivers the upright action. Pictured below, observe Brandi Love in 1-800-Bang-Me, which is a representative example.

Brandi Love demonstrates the classic upright cowgirl

The upright cowgirl releases rolled out for a while, but then… viewers wanted the woman to lean into the camera. I dubbed this…

Squatting Cowgirl Hoverface

And, Bangers mixes in some very horny hoverfacing. Notice below, Wonder Woman Marley Brinx hovers her cowgirl straight to an AVN best scene award.

Marley Brinx hoverfaces in the scene AVN deemed best of 2018

Then, pictured below, Ms. Brinx hoverfaces so hard her face briefly hovers past the frame!

Marley Brinx’s hoverface goes EXTREME!

This is how it’s done, son! That’s how you win awards, fellas! Pushing hoverface to the limit! Personally, I consider squatting cowgirl hoverface to be an intensely effective VR porn position. Viewers, of course, also want the cowgirl turned to see the woman’s other assets: bringing us to…

Upright Reverse Cowgirl

Studios realized that reverse cowgirl was best when upright or leaning back toward the male performer’s face. Again, Team Bangers delivers. Pictured below, notice Olive Glass upright-reverse in Tour De France.

Olive Glass in an upright reverse cowgirl for VR Bangers. Notice Olive’s slight twist that allows a partial view of her face. Very nice.

So, we’ve covered regular and reverse. What else is there? Well… while reviewing the VR Bangers catalog, I was pleasantly surprised to see these good folks mixing in footage of the rarely seen…

Sideways Cowgirl!

And, personally…I like this! As in… I like it a lot! This effective positioning provides a complete and novel view of the actresses’ body. I don’t know why it’s not filmed more, but I’m happy VRB delivers this sideways, sexual-pogo across releases. And, I anticipate other studios will soon follow suit. Below, Anna Bell Peaks plays a stripper and sideways cowgirls a lucky rockstar in her December 2018 release, Make It Rain.

Anna Bell Peaks really stretches out her sideways cowgirl! I like this… A LOT! Oh, Anna baby!

Notice how Anna’s wonderfully stretched-out: works for me! Now, that’s a lapdance! I hope VRB films more stripclub VR porns. As a sidenote, for the many fans of beautiful redheads like Anna; I couldn’t help but notice that VR Bangers has quite a selection of gorgeous gingers in 3D fuck action! But, let’s keep talking about the VRB cowgirl creativity: as seen in their…

Many Subtle Sideways Cowgirl Variations

VR Bangers provides another gorgeous sideways take with Norah Nova’s sexy-squatting, very-horny-bouncy-bopping: as seen in the 2019 release, Perfect Cummunication.

Norah Nova puts her own unique signature on the position with her sorta sideways squat and bounce!

But, perhaps the most masterful sideways cowgirl exhibition was delivered by Nina Elle in her December 2018 movie, Team Work.

Oh, Nina baby! Bounce that sideways cowgirl you blonde Goddess!

After a bit, Nina masterfully turns her sideways cowgirl… to the other sideways!

Ms. Nina Elle has a lot of VR cowgirl versatility as she starts rotating her sideways positioning

Beautifully done, Nina… Another rarely-seen cowgirl shot is the…

Scissors Cowgirl

Like sideways cowgirl, the scissoring cowgirl config strikes me as a VRB signature. I consider it a great position in the cowgirl repertoire: horny in its own right, but also providing variety. Britney Amber masterfully scissored her cowgirl in VR Bangers’ March 2018 release, Sperm Bank.

Britney Amber scissor cowgirls for VR Bangers in Sperm Bank

And, if that’s not enough variety, Bangers also provides…

Reverse Scissors Cowgirl

Naturally, the scissors can be rotated creating a new, horny effect: as seen below when gal-gorgeous Anna Bell Peaks creatively spun into a reverse scissors bump-and-hump.

Anna Bell Peaks getting busy in the stripclub with a reverse scissors cowgirl

And, I know some fellas may agree with me… that everything’s hornier with costumes! That brings us to…

Cowgirl Cosplay

I absolutely loved seeing Marley Brinx cowgirl in a Wonderwoman outfit! And, I wasn’t surprised to see that, as earlier mentioned, Marley’s performance won Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene 2018 AVN Awards.

Marley Brinx in a Wonder Woman cowgirl for her award-winning VR Bangers’ scene

Congratulations Marley. And, if that’s not enough, you also get…

Cowgirling in Exotic Locales

…such as outer space. Superstars Britney Amber and Lauren Phillips team-up to cowgirl on Mars!

Britney Amber cowgirls on Mars as Lauren Phillips looks on in wonder

The Many Cowgirls of VR Bangers

So, between conventional, cowgirling positions like upright and reverse…and, the squatting, cowgirl hoverface; and the various sideways and scissor varieties; and cosplay cowgirl; along with interplanetary, pussy-bouncing: I’d say that the VR Bangers team has the VR porn cowgirling covered! I’ve been writing VR porn reviews since 2015 and after a recent review of the VR Bangers studio, I was actually compelled to update our VR porn positioning checklist with multiple new cowgirl entries.

I believe one could safely argue that VR Bangers explores VR porn’s fundamental position with a creativity not found elsewhere. And, as I always say, don’t just take my word for it. VR Bangers’ offers free previews of every release along with their Play’a app, which makes the previewing experience convenient and fun. Please, take a look for yourself!