The Perfect Maid, Nadia Jay, Knows How to Cheer Up Her Master

You have a pretty big house, and of course, there is no way that you can keep everything clean by yourself. That is when you decided to hire a maid in order to keep everything clean, to cook for you so you can always have a hot meal when you take a break from work.

The maid that you hired is Nadia Jay, a sexy ebony babe that is just perfect to look at. Her figure is enough to motivate you to work harder, which is a big plus to her skills as a maid. One day while you were bummed out, you decided to just lay on the couch in the living room and do nothing.

Nadia was cleaning around, she was wearing her sexy maid uniform that you made her wear. It consisted of a white shirt, a black mini skirt, and of course black stockings. During the time she cleaned around, she noticed that you are feeling a bit down, so she decided to cheer you up by flashing you her juicy ass.

As she noticed that you are keeping your eyes on her, she kept coming closer and closer to you while doing her job. Eventually, Nadia sat down next to you on the couch while telling you “Hey sexy, I have noticed that you are watching me“.

Do you want some of this?she asks you as she spreads her legs, revealing that she is not wearing any panties. She also rubbed her pussy while looking you straight in the eyes.

You immediately took out your hard cock and you started stroking it while you watched Nadia finger her pussy. After you completely took off your pants, Nadia complimented your completely erect cock.

I am so wet.” she says as she takes her fingers that were covered in her pussy juice and puts them into her mouth, licking everything off.

A couple of minutes later, Nadia gets on top of you in the uniform you told her to wear and she asks you “Do you want to rip these clothes off of me?“, which you immediately did.

Once you took off her bra, you realized she has the perfect big tits. You could also not help to notice that both of her nipples had piercings, which turned you on even more.

Nadia could feel your cock pulsating while she was on top of you, so she decided to get down on her knees and start giving you a blowjob. She kept on sucking you for a while, but since she knew that you have a foot fetish, this ebony babe sat on the couch next to you so she can use her feet to stroke you off.

The stockings she was wearing felt absolutely perfect on your cock, and you wished that her footjob lasted forever. However, Nadia also wanted to receive some pleasure in return.

That is when she started to ride you in the cowgirl position. As she bounced up and down, you could feel your big boner stretching her pussy, which made her moan out loud.

Because Nadia could sense the pulsating of your cock once again, she tells you “I want you to cum inside my pussy“. This motivated you to fuck her harder and faster all the way until you finished her with a creampie.

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