The VR Browser “Firefox Reality” Makes Its Debut on Standalone VR Goggles

Even though we do have our very own VRB Player App that you can with ease use for browsing through our virtual reality porn experiences (and not only), we do like to keep an eye of the alternative solutions of some most promising virtual reality browsers and players, for example to always look for some new technologies that we might use in VR Bangers’ VR porn application.

As a quick reminder, right now our very own player is capable of: naturally, watching some VR porn movies in a more convenient way; playing some other virtual reality videos saved to the hard drive of your device; downloading our virtual reality porn films to watch them later offline; and streaming virtual reality porn (and not only) experiences – and all of that inside of the user-friendly interface, powered by a super-smooth head tracking technology and with use of the top VR and video streaming SDKs and a smart caching system.

This is not an article about the VRB Player App, though, and we wanted to tell you about something quite different: do we have any users of Mozilla Firefox browser in here? And how do you like it? It’s fine? Better than Chrome, Opera or Safari? Then we do have some great news for all of you: Mozilla company has just come up with a VR browser called “Firefox Reality” for the standalone VR goggles!

The newly released by Mozilla web browser called Firefox Reality, which was created for users of Virtual Reality goggles, works with standalone VR headsets like Oculus Go, Lenovo Mirage Solo and Vive Focus. All these autonomous devices emerging from the recent market have contributed to the start of works on this VR browser – Mozilla developers believe that standalone VR visors are the future of virtual reality, and, honestly speaking, we agree with that; or at least we believe that they are indeed the future of VR porn movies’ industry.

Firefox Reality is a cross-platform open source application created in such a way that in the future its’ users might use it on different types of headsets, which is an awesome thing when you will think e.g. about the recently introduced Oculus Quest VR goggles.  Similarly to other such applications, the browser allows surfing the traditional websites using motion controllers, although its creators perceive it more as a platform for smooth movement between VR experiences – including some VR porn films, too.

Firefox Reality is based on the Quantum engine for mobile devices, the same one that powers the Firefox Quantum browser, so it should work flawlessly on most of the modern devices and its’ environment has been well tested and is most likely ready to go – also to be working with some technologically requiring contents like 6K UHD VR porn movies.

More such interesting news about virtual reality technology – and pretty much just anything else related to VR porn videos – can be found with ease on the VR Bangers’ main page. Go there and browse through our articles and you will always have something interesting to read on!