Top Secret Agent Lena Paul at Your Service!

date_range April 14, 2018
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Top Secret Agent Lena Paul at Your Service!

Being a top secret agent may be one of the most demanding professions on the planet, so if you're planning to become one, you'll have to go through a lot, actually - but everybody has to start somewhere, right? In the newest VR Bangers' VR porn fantasy, we'll not turn you into the James-Bond-like professional who has it all figured out straight away, and tonight you'll become a newbie on his very first mission ever. Since you couldn't be left to be taking your baby steps all alone, you've been assigned a one of the pros to help you with the job - namely agent Lena Paul, one of the hottest VR porn stars in the business, with a pair of bouncy boobs that are so big, that most likely have their very own "license to kill".

In this VR porn video, the fate of the world will once again be left in your hands, as else you'll manage to steal the codes from one of the most influential Russian gangsters, else they'll be able to nuke the globe and take us back to the Stone Age. Fortunately, Lena has the plan and as well as everything will go according to it, you should be just fine... And if you've just guessed that it won't go that way, thus you two will have to work something out asap, you're totally right - but don't feel so good about yourself just yet, as this VR porn movie might surprise even the most foreseeing VR Bangers' fan!

World is still in danger, plan A has totally failed and now it's your turn to act. You pick up your smartphone, start hacking the gangster's device with it and getting those codes on your own... but then he's about to leave! What to do now? Well, you two have to do just anything to draw his attention, and believe us or not, just kissing might be not good enough. That's exactly the moment when this VR porn video's pace accelerates, as since your device will need around 20 minutes for this plan to work, you have to keep on touching Lena, as this is effectively drawing attention of the mobster, thus giving you a very last chance to save the planet.

How will the Cum Another Day VR porn video end? Will you be able to save the world together with the sexy VR porn starlet? Is Lena capable of doing things that will be entertaining enough for the bad guys to make them keep on watching? Wear your VR headset and find out on your own in this newest big tits VR porn movie from VR Bangers!

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