Valentine’s Day with Julie Kay? Sounds great!

All movies from VR Bangers are true 360 ​​° / 180 ° stereoscopic virtual reality videos in 3D, containing immersive binaural sound, realistic head tracking technology and the world’s hottest pornstars. Although, the latest VRB film, “Couples Retreat,” telling the story of two lovers spending the romantic evening together, is a unique production, because it was released in two versions – from the perspective of man and woman!

The movie is starring a sexy VR Porn star Julie Kay, and her partner that is none other than muscular and sexy Mike Mancini. In this blog we will tell you a bit about the “male” part of this scene, seen from the eyes of Mike, when Julie took him on a romantic trip, ending in a hotel bedroom, where the dreams of any real man will come true.

Valentine’s Day does not have much importance for most of us as it is another holiday that is trying to get us out of our hard earned money. Those hearts, roses, flowers and all the rest are terribly cheesy, and after a day spent surrounded by all this, you don’t want to see anything in red color for another year. However, this holiday can be completely different if spent with the right person and in the right place. And so it happened this time when dear Julie took care of organizing everything to make you happy.

You are leaving early in the morning to spend the very whole day in each others company. Walk, dinner, cinema… After an eventful day, it’s time to return to the hotel and celebrate this trip in the best possible way. As soon as you enter the bedroom, Julie immediately starts to undress before you to show you what you were waiting for the whole day.

As soon as her firm breasts pop up from under her dress, you feel like your cock is getting swollen in your boxers and you can’t wait to see what happens next. A moment later, the girl, according to your expectations, pulls him out of your pants and immediately starts massaging it, then takes it straight to her mouth, warming it with her warm breath.

When her wet tongue touches it for the first time, you shiver all over your body and involuntarily place your hand on the back of her head as you want to feel as if she is putting it into her mouth even deeper. The girl is giving you a moist blow-job, spitting on your dick every now and then, knowing that the more wet it will be, the more pleasure you’ll feel.

When it’s finally time for some real fun, the girl pulls your dongle out of her mouth and puts it straight into her narrow pussy. Julie is riding you for a while, until you finally pour her clam with your hot load until its very end, feeling like she’s leaking straight onto your swollen balls.

You still don’t like Valentine’s Day, but if you could always celebrate it like this, maybe it is… it isn’t such a bad holiday?

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