Valentine’s trip with Mike Mancini. It’s gonna be hot!

“Couples Retreat”, the latest Valentine’s scene from VR Bangers is a unique one, because it was released in two versions: for her and for him. This blog describes the movie from a perspective of a woman spending romantic moments at the side of her handsome boyfriend, VR Porn star – Mike Mancini. So, regardless of what VR goggles you own, whether it’s Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream, or smartphone with Google Cardboard, put it on your head and have some fun together.

Valentine’s Day is one of the favorite holidays of every woman. This is the time of the year when men are becoming more romantic and more anxious about their partners, trying to conquer their hearts one more time and to once again spread the flames of love and passion. The holiday can be celebrated in many ways: romantic walk or dinner, gift exchange and some other surprises, or even an amorous joint trip!

And that’s exactly what did Mike do – he invited his sweetheart for a romantic trip, where they could tighten the relationship with each other and work a bit over passion in their relation. The trip begins quite simply when the lovers go for a romantic dinner with candlelight and a walk together. When, after a long evening, the pair goes back to the bedroom, it’s about time to crown this trip in the most sensual of all the ways.

Mike throws you out on the bed, taking off your clothes and starts kissing your body while giving you goose bumps from head to toe with his hot breath. Mike descends lower, kissing your neckline, breasts, belly, and finally down to the pussy. Mike slides his wet tongue between your labia, licking your clit, when you feel his mild gasping warming your delicate coochy. The man sucks and licks your clitoris, almost bringing you to the climax, and yet it’s just the beginning of the play.

Mike’s dick is already gotten hard while he was caressing you, but it’s definitely worth to give him head at least for a moment to make it easier for him to penetrate your tight pussy and so your sex could get even nicer. When Mike’s cock is ready, you lay down in front of him with your legs spread, so he can enter you deeper than ever.

You feel like your man is pulsing in your narrow cooter, when you’re sticking your nails into his muscular back from excitement. Your moaning seems to turn him on even more, because with every moment, his nuzzling gets stronger and now he’s pushing his dong to the very end.

Mike makes love with you for a while longer in your favorite missionary position, so you can finally cum. When the lover knows that you are satisfied already, he decides to jizz on your hot body, squirting on you with his hot load, which is the wonderful ending of that evening.

You are falling asleep in Mike’s arms and you can’t wait for the next Valentines, hoping they will be equally pleasant…

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