Valve Reveals the Third Generation of the “Knuckles” Controller Prototype

date_range October 04, 2018
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Valve Reveals the Third Generation of the “Knuckles” Controller Prototype

Are you up to date with the newest virtual reality pads and controllers that can be used for both some VR games and interaction inside of your favorite VR porn videos? In our pursuit for being able to touch some VR porn stars (like here) or at least to let us feel a lifelike boob through virtual reality (like we have mentioned over here), there are no shortcuts and we, Virtual Reality Bangers, try on being up to date with anything that comes out in that matter, including some technologically advanced gaming controllers - that could be with ease used for our 6K UHD virtual reality porn films.

In June, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, Valve, has revealed the second generation of the "Knuckles" prototype movement controller known as EV2. Only three months later, so quite recently, the EV3 model was presented, giving us yet another package of improvements in relation to its predecessor, and possibly bringing us one step closer to steering and/or touching some female bodies through virtual reality porn.

Above you can see the EV3 pads in action, as well as their comparison with some other popular choices like HTC Vive's pads. The very first version of the controllers dedicated to SteamVR platform has been revealed back in the October of 2016. "Knuckles", as this is the name that kept on being used with correlation to these drivers, is different from some other, similar options, first of all due to the fact that we do not have to hold them in our hands at all.

The entirely new version of the device can determine if our hand is clamped or straightened, as well as its' intermediate states, which is why it will allow to throw some digital objects that will be later rendered in virtual reality almost perfectly. The newest Valve controller will be able to determine the position of individual fingers to a certain extent, too, as it has been equipped with some accurate capacitive sensors.

In the previous, second generation of the controller, it has been updated, among others, with an analog knob known from classic gamepads, which can also be found in the Oculus Touch controllers. What's more, the structure of the device has also changed. We mention all these changes from EV2 as the improvements that are included in EV3 are not so significant anymore and mainly concern ergonomics, which is a nice touch for VR porn movies, but is not as important as the other changes. On the other hand, though, the battery life has extended by 2 hours in EV3, so if you are willing to run a longer VR porn session, you will be able to use the controllers for 7-8 hours on a single charge, which is a really nice and worth mentioning change for the better.

According to Valve, even though the developers have so far received "hundreds" of EV2 dev-kit, in the case of EV3, the company plans to produce "much larger amounts" of those. It is still not known when the consumer version of Knuckles' controllers will debut, but we will inform you as soon as that happens - as always, somewhere on the website.