Vengeful Brandi Love is Going to Punish You!

Betrayal is a serious problem of many relationships – when one partner is disloyal, the other one, despite forgiving his/her spouse, can irrevocably lose trust to the other half, and because of such unbelief, start checking messages, asking many questions and be generally suspicious. Of course there can be many more consequences – not to mention the obvious end of the relationship or taking a break to fix whatever’s broken.

And what if your partner is a vengeful person? What if she knows best what you like and will punish you by taking from you what you care most about? When your girlfriend is Brandi Love and she catches you playing with some other hoe, revenge can be really cruel! Fortunately for our viewers, this punishment applies only to her partner in the film, and all the spectators of this VR Porn scene will still be able to enjoy the Brandi’s sexy body.

But let’s go back to the beginning. You sit on the couch, relax with the remote in hand when suddenly Brandi enters the room. She starts to ask you about some girl named Shelly, because she found out that her friend saw you together and she knows that you’re not just friends. Even if you didn’t actually have sex with Shelly, you indeed was thinking about it, but you don’t see what’s wrong with that… No! Brandi has a different opinion on this topic! It’s time to punish you, and it’s not gonna be easy! And when your girlfriend is the sexy Virtual Reality Porn star, what could be the biggest punishment? Sex ban of course! But that’s not all…

Brandi sits in front of you dressed in your favorite blouse with a cleavage, miniskirt and stockings and starts to undress slowly. She looks straight in your eyes and sensually takes away another parts of her outfit, revealing more and more of her sexy body. You stretch your hand to touch her, but she pushes it back, saying, “No baby, you must not touch. You’ll be sitting here and watching, but you can’t even touch me with your little finger…”

What? How can she? Sex ban – sure, but such torture? The girl starts to play with her pussy and inserts subsequent fingers inside her, staring deep into your eyes and gently moaning while doing so. She knows how horny it makes you and that’s exactly why she does it. When she’s finally stretched her pussy with her fingers, she reaches for her pink vibrator and starts playing with her vag in an even more aggressive way.

Girl’s groaning spreads around the apartment when she’s about to cum. If you could just touch her, then you’d fuck her brains out, but you can’t do anything to convince her and you do not want to interrupt, because this show really turns you on. When the girl finishes, moaning out loud, when the juices from her pussy are dripping to the floor, she smiles ominously and knows well that you’ve learned a lesson today. Will she allow you to join her next time? If not her, then perhaps Shelly would…

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