Victoria P is one seductive secretary

Being in charge of a multi-million company can be rather tiresome, so it is always a good idea to have a hot blonde secretary that will keep you up and going by providing you coffee, as well as organize your files.

One day while you were done with work, Victoria P, your secretary, noticed that you could relax, so she brought you some coffee. “Do you want some whipped cream or sugar?” she asks you before you tell her that you are fine.

As you take a sip of nice warm coffee, she asks you “Perhaps, something else?” while giving you a very seductive look.

You tell her that everything is fine, and you watch her walk away so she can grab some files. As she turned around, she lifted up her skirt, allowing you to take a nice look at her gorgeous ass, because she had no panties.

Of course, she saw you looking, which was more than enough for her to continue her plan. Victoria got back to you, and she put her leg on the table, allowing you to have a beautiful view of her pussy.

After putting her finger inside her love tunnel, she put it into your mouth too, allowing you to lick off her tasty juices.

Noticing that you are getting horny, Victoria took off her clothes in a very sexy fashion before spreading her legs by putting one on the table again.

Then, she took the whipped cream she offered you earlier, and she put it over her nipples before licking it off. However, the whipped cream action did not stop there.

Once she removed all of the whipped cream off of her tits, she drew a nice arrow that was pointing down to her pussy. You, of course, accepted this sexy invitation, as you put some of your fingers into her warm pussy.

The fingering didn’t last too long, as she wanted to make herself wet as fast as possible, she decided to do it by herself so you can take off your pants for the lovemaking session that is about to come.

Upon taking them off, she got down on her knees, put some whipped cream on the tip of your shaft, and started sucking you off. When the whipped cream was gone from your cock, she put some more every time, in order to make your cock even tastier for her.

As your donger was nicely drenched from the cream and her saliva, she decided it’s time to let you penetrate her pussy.

Victoria grinded her pussy lips over your cock for a little while, before finally letting it go deep inside her. Once it got completely in, she immediately picked up the tempo.

When Victoria noticed that you want to be in control too, she laid down on the table. You spread her legs as you plunged your hard cock deep inside her, making her moan due to the sensational pleasure she was experiencing.

After giving her a good pounding, you took your cock into your hands, and you started stroking it really fast until you sprayed cum all over her sexy belly.

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