Vinna Reed and Karol Lilien Lesbian Blondes

This is a story about two incredible blonde babes who truly understand how to explore one another’s bodies after a couple of drinks.

The story begins from the perspective of the fist girl, Vinna Reed, sitting at the table enjoying some wine. While she twirls the wine in the glass, she sees her girlfriend Karol Lilien entering the living room while wearing nothing else besides black matching lingerie that goes perfectly with her hair.

Karol approaches her and grabs her hand before she does a couple of spins where she displays her incredible body. Before leaving the room, she will highlight her delicious round ass, and she will invite Vinna to follow her to the bedroom with her finger.

Since Vinna would want some action with her hot girlfriend, naturally she decided to follow her to the bedroom immediately.

Now that both of the girls are sitting in the bed with each other, they will start exploring each other’s hot bodies. Since Karol initiated this little party, she will allow Vinna to play with her body and undress her top so she can display her beautiful tits to the camera these girls were using to record their lovemaking session.

After Vinna massages Karol’s big natural tits for the camera, she will let Karol do the same to her. As Karol plays with Vinna’s nipples, she will give her a kiss on the neck which will turn both of them on even more.

Because it does not take both of them to get really horny, Karol will lay on top of Vinna and she will get her nipples suck while their pussies are grinding on each other.

As soon as Karol gets wet enough, she will lose her panties and Vinna will start eating her drenched pussy because her girlfriend’s juices are something she enjoys the most while they make love.

Karol tried to make up for the oral skills she was receiving by getting into the sixty-nine position, but once she did that Vinna began to finger her pussy. Even if Karol could give some oral pleasure to her partner, it was only a matter of time that her body lost control due to the incredible fingering skills her pussy was taking.

Vinna continued fingering her girlfriend while in the sixty-nine position all the way until she came, and after that, it was her turn to receive the pleasure of the same caliber.

She spread her legs as wide as she could, allowing Karol to get the perfect access to the spots on her pussy that are most sensitive. As soon as Karol starts licking, Vinna will use her magic fingers to penetrate herself while receiving oral.

Since she knows how to hit the spots the best, Vinna will make herself cum in no time while Karol helps her from time to time by giving her clit a lick.

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