Violette Pink Punishes and Rewards You for Lying

Recently, things with your girlfriend, Violette Pink, have been kind of sturdy. The spark was just not there anymore, so you decided to visit the good old’ strip club you used to go before you got into this relationship. You told you, girlfriend, that you are hanging out with the guys, however, eventually she found out the truth.

Instead of getting all mad at you, one day, while you were at the strip club, she managed to purchase a striptease pole and get some people to install it into your living room. When you came back from the strip club, you were kind of confused.

While looking at the pole, your girlfriend arrived at the room, wearing a sexy black dress. Violette got in front of you in order to ask you “Do you want to see my lap dance?“. You nodded in a negative manner, which she replied to “I know where you have been lately, so I decided to see if this is going to fix our relationship” as she grabbed onto the pole in front of you.

You have never seen Violette act so sexy, and slowly you started to get a bit horny. She made a couple of spins on the pole, exactly like the strippers in the club you have been visiting lately, Violette was doing it like a real pro.

Soon, she will stop with her act, look you in the eyes and tell you “I think this would feel much better if I didn’t have any clothes on. Don’t you think?“. This time you nodded positively as you really enjoyed the display in front of your eyes.

Violette slowly took off her black dress, which left her in a black lingerie combo that made her look extremely sexy. However, she really wanted to get completely naked, so she took those off to before continuing her pole dancing show.

Because she still had her high heels on, she could manage to do some pretty amazing moves that even the strippers at the club never did, it was really one of the best striptease pole dancing shows you have ever seen.

Little did you know that even if both you and Violette were quite horny, she decided to not provide you with any pleasure because you were lying to her. Instead, she decided to punish you by making you watch her playing with herself.

Violette started playing with herself while having one of her legs on the pole, which made her legs nicely spread. That gave her great access to the spots on her pussy that can make her moan like nothing else.

While you are watching rubbing her clit and fingering her love tunnel, you can see that she is getting more and wetter the longer she masturbates.

Eventually, She will get down on the floor as her body is slowly losing control because she is close to an orgasm. A few moments of rubbing her pussy while on the floor, made her have an amazing orgasm.

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