Visit the VR Paradise Gentlemen’s Club!

If the VR industry is in full swing and technically is at its top, the beginning of 2018 has shown that the early adopters were lacking products to feed their VR consumption and were limited to a few adaptations of famous video games. 🙂 Then the adult industry started to get interested in the VR process! And you know what they say, when the adult industry seizes a fledgling technology, rest assured that it will take it to a new level! And it has. Now a flow of 180° stereoscopic video content in subjective view mode has come to the adult web.

Totem Entertainment, a small French independent studio created in 1999 by two engineers of the video game industry and specialized in the creation of video layering widgets for the entertainment industry, has once again positioned itself on this fast growing business with the creation of a unique concept mixing the world of VR game with the one of striptease:, the First Virtual StripClub ever created for Oculus, HTC Vive & Windows Mixed Reality.

Thanks to VR Paradise, you can now enter the strip club – from the comfort of your own home. Developers have captured the movements of the most talented professional strip girls and applied high poly real-time meshes and ultra realistic textures. Just like in a real strip club, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a gentlemen’s club while checking out several simultaneous pole dancers on-stage, close-up performances at your table and private room dances where the girl strips completely naked. In parallel to this VR revolution in the game and adult industries, Valve announced in May that their Steam gamers’ platform would remove any adult content.

They had to do an about-face in June and decided to “allow everything” on the Steam store, with the exception of content that it deemed “illegal or straight up trolling.” Among a number of changes detailed in a blog post in September 2018, Valve has announced the addition of a new Adult Only filter alongside a general Mature Content filter, giving players more control over the games that pop up in their searches. The first 100% uncensored adult game appeared on Steam mid-September 2018.

It has been a strong move for the adult gaming industry! At that stage, Totem Entertainment was already testing an alpha version of its VR Strip Club and immediately worked on adapting it to Steam rules. They moved fast! They submitted VRParadise to Steam on November and could announce its official release on the biggest international gamers’ platform in mid-December! It has been unanimously welcomed in the Steam community! Web influencers are also very enthusiastic in their reviews! Totem Entertainment has already announced they’re working on a second version with a multiplayer system that will allow friends to meet in the club, play their own playlist, customize their avatar, etc.!

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