Vive-N-Chill for VR Users During Hot Summer Days

date_range July 24, 2017
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Vive-N-Chill for VR Users During Hot Summer Days

Sweating a lot during summer can be quite annoying when it comes to VR headset users. Sitting with a piece of hardware on your head can be quite annoying as well, as it only helps you sweat more and more. You just want to sit back and relax while watching some amazing VR porn, and what happens? You start sweating like a pig, and your lenses go all foggy and unusable until you wipe them and start over again. You even have to repeat this process in like every 5 minutes, which is going to tick you off and make you want to stop with using VR until the summer ends. We have a very nice solution for your problems, which is a fan for VR headsets known as ViveNChill. It is used in with HTC Vive headset and it will make your life much more pleasing in the VR during the summer.

HTC Vive headset meme

Vive-N-Chill's current progress

Vive-N-Chill is currently an Indie campaign and it got fully funded really quickly. We got our hands on one of these bad boys, and we can actually tell you it works like a charm. The ViveNChill is a really simple device that is very effective and the most important part is that it is unnoticeable for the user. So, you can do everything you have been doing until now, except you won't be covered in sweat during these summer days. Vive-N-Chill fan will without a doubt become integrated in every future headset; but there is still some time until that happens.

Vive N Chill modeling

How does the ViveNChill work?

All you have to do with a ViveNChill fan is to put into the head strap along with your VR headset and plug it into a USB port on a headset. Afterwards, you attach the fans and adjust them to your liking before making this bad boy your winter on a head. More people play with headphones on, which is not going to be a problem as we have tested it, and the fans are not hitting them at all. This fan does not blow a lot of air and it's not really powerful, which is a great thing, as it won't be noisy or make you distracted. It's just a breeze going down your head and making you more comfortable than ever.

Vive N Chill fan installing

Is ViveNChill really recommended and where can I get it?

Yes, absolutely. We have tried it and we can't tell you a single downside to it. So as soon as you can get hands on one of these, do it. Especially the Vive headset is quite uncomfortable and fans will help you to deal with it. You can donate to ViveNChill on IndieGoGo right now. The lowest price for donation is 25 US dollars, which is going to sign you up for one of these things when it launches.

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