Vive Wireless Adapter Available for Purchase!

We told you about VIVE Wireless once, we told you about it twice… yet we kept on teasing that this cableless solution for HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro will come “soon™” and we have never given you any hard details. Believe it or not, but it has never been our fault – HTC’s marketing campaign has been all about leading the fans of these hardware solutions by their noses, and we too could not wait for the adapter to be finally released – especially that we do offer support for HTC Vive VR headset in both the terms of our VR porn films and our VR porn app. All of that does not matter anymore, as the waiting has finally come to an end – the Vive Wireless Adapter is finally available to be purchased!

HTC company has just launched a direct sale of a wireless adapter that allows you to get rid of the wiring that connects HTC Vive virtual reality goggles (both of them) to your personal computer. The device comes in two pricing options: 345 euros ($300) for a version cooperating with the original model of HTC Vive, and 420 euros ($360) for the HTC Vive Pro variant.

The VIVE Wireless adapter is the first solution of this type dedicated to all consumer Vive models, and it will seamlessly work with both HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro VR headsets. Designed in the shape of the letter “T”, the adapter operates in the 60GHz band using the wireless WiGig technology provided by the Intel company. The accessory is mounted on the top of the head, and should not be any invasive in terms of running the immersion of watching some VR porn films. Its’ method of operation is quite straightforward: it connects with a pocket-sized battery that powers VR goggles and a receiver that works with a transmitter connected to the computer.

As for the battery life included in the set with the adapter, it takes two to three hours to discharge the device, and it requires about an hour to fully charge it again. Available for some time, a similar solution developed by TPCast has been equipped with a battery allowing for about 5 hours of continuous operation without the need for recharging, but it’s never been as popular as the HTC’s device and the comparison of those two is being strictly a matter of formal reasons.

And are you the owner of a HTC VR visor and would love to use it wirelessly to watch your favorite VR porn movies? Order your very own Vive Wireless Adapter on the official HTC’s website and start watching cablelessly for the biggest comfort of virtual reality porn experiences ever! And do not forget to let us know how did you like that, too!

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